Sakamai Brunch with a Japanese twist

sakamai brunch

Dear Food Diary:
Been a fan of Sakamai and couldn’t wait to try their brunch with a Japanese twist.
Happy to report “egg on egg on egg” is on the menu!

Sakamai has a great beverage program, so starting any meal with a drink is a no brainer.

sakamai - flying squirrel
Flying Squirrel
Perfect for brunch time. I didn’t have coffee that morning and this cold brew with walnut liqueur and coconut cream saved my afternoon! Yes, I’m one of those people who can’t function without a strong coffee in the a.m. There’s coconut flavor but it isn’t thick or ultra sweet.


sakamai - tai
Nice and fruity without being overly sugary yet flavorful.


sakamai - brunch - egg on egg on egg
Egg on Egg on Egg
Is a classic here for a reason. Egg in dashi with uni and caviar. Creamy and savory. Full of umami. I’m perfectly happy with this any time of the day. And no sharing.


sakamai - mazemen uni marrow 1
Another favorite from their dinner menu. I was more than excited to devour it at brunch. Bouncy temomi ramen noodles with sea urchin, roasted bone marrow and bottarga. All things this Chubby loves. Mmm mmm good. If this ain’t #foodporn I don’t know what is.

sakamai - mazemen uni marrow 2
Scooping every last drop of that fatty flavor. I’m seriously drooling right now.
sakamai - mazemen uni marrow 3
Oh yeah… So much creamy fattiness and the bottarga adding that savory note. A little added texture from the bamboo shoots.

Every bite is a pleasure moment… If I could of licked the bowl, I would of (being lady like isn’t easy).


sakamai - loco moco 1
Loco Moco
Brunch wouldn’t be complete without regular eggs, right? I mean, I was happy with uni and caviar, but runny egg yolk is hard to resist.

sakamai - loco moco 2
All that yolk running down a fragrant kimchi bacon fried rice, topped with dashi soy gravy. Seductive isn’t it?
sakamai - loco moco 3
And that beef patty. Very hearty and such a good hangover cure. Total comfort in a big bowl.


sakamai - charred broccolini 2
Charred Broccolini
Wow. What an impressive way to serve greens. Charred with a smoked soy. And a delicate parmesan crisp.

sakamai - charred broccolini
You know a meal is fantastic when the side dish is this killer. Putting an egg on top of this and I would call that brunch on its own. Broccolini never tasted so good. I want more greens if they taste this good!
sakamai - japanese teishoku 1
Japanese Teishoku
For those looking for a more authentic Japanese option the teishoku is great. The flavors are lighter and on the mild side. Served with rice, poached egg, miso soup and pickled veggies. This takes me right back to waking up at an onsen in Japan.

I love pouring the egg and soy on the steaming rice. Swirly goodness.

sakamai - japanese teishoku - black sea bass
Black Sea Bass as part of our set. Flaky with a oyster soy sauce. There’s charred bok choy on the bottom, can we get all greens “charred” from now on?

I would of enjoyed the Teishoku as our first dish or on its own. But when mixed with the other strong flavors and dishes, it sort of got lost.


Sometimes, you just want more than just eggs for brunch, when those cravings call, there’s Sakamai Brunch with a Japanese twist.
Don’t walk, run! Seriously, go this weekend!

I really can’t wait to go back for more, thank’s for having us Sakamai. Hubby and I can’t stop raving about it.
157  Ludlow St

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