SMORGASBURG: Yummy Saturday with a view

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Dear Food Diary:
Last Saturday, I woke up with an unexplainable urge for lobster roll, a fresh buttery one from Red Hook Lobster Pound to be exact. I couldn’t fight off a craving this strong, so I tracked them down online/phone call (crazy I know) and found them at Smorgasburg at the Williamsburg waterfront. Killed two birds at once, since I’ve been wanting to check it out since May.
smorgasburg 11 red hook lobster
Gave up my lazy Saturday for food… how “unlike” me LOL. An hour bus/train ride later, I was having the best lobster rolls ever, while gazing at ALL the other stuff I wanted to eat immediately after. Felt sort of like cheating, I had sweet lobsta’ in my hands, yet I couldn’t help but fantasize about pork and the tasty adventure we could/would have.

smorgasburg 12
MIGHTY QUINN’S BBQ had the longest line. They had hardcore smoker and the meat I saw them cutting was to drool for. Some serious BBQ was happening. 
mighty quinn's bbq
The menu have varied from slow smoked brisket, pulled pork and spare ribs one week to maple bourbon cure/smoked pork belly and brisket the next. They sell out quick! So remember to get there early. 
mighty quinn's bbq 2
Maple-bourbon cured & smoked pork belly with pickled fresno chilies was amazing. Slightly sweet, extra fatty and juicy. Smokey with a really nice bite to it, this wasn’t your usual tender pork belly. I enjoyed every bite and wanted more!
mighty quinn's bbq 3
Grass fed brisket w/picked red onion was smokey and tender. I would of loved more bbq sauce, but otherwise it made this carnivore quite happy. The tart onions added a nice bright contrast and balanced the sweetness.

The BISCUIT & FRIED CHICKEN and CEMITAS looked like heart attacks waiting to happen, in a world where heart attacks are good and thats all you want. Everything looked so good, but my tummy only had so much space, which is pretty big already. Will go back for these asap.

salud smoothies
SALUD had a nice sandia (watermelon) and lime smoothie. As you can see, I almost finished it and then remembered I had to take a pic. Fresh juice is a much needed break after all the food.

bon chovie 2
BON-CHOVIE *giggling* how can I not love it with a name like that? They’ve been rockin’ the market with their fried anchovies.
bon chovie
I had The Original, fried with head and all. Crisp on the outside. Squeeze some lemon first. As you bite into it, a burst of the natural oils hit your tongue along with the salty and fishiness anchovies has, sooo good. The paprika aioli hides a bit of the fishy taste and adds that smokiness and creaminess. I could eat a whole bowl of this.

smorgasburg 5 hecho en dumbosmorgasburg 6 hecho en dumbo
HECHO EN DUMBO had Carnitas (St. Louis style pork ribs), topped with this spicy and tangy tomatillo/avocado salsa.
smorgasburg 4 hecho en dumbo
Perfectly fatty, fell right off the bone. The salsa and onions definitely livened it all up. And the view and weather was unbeatable. 

smorgasburg 9 milk truck
MILK TRUCK was serving their grilled cheese sandwiches. Steaming hot, just like the weather that day.
smorgasburg 10 milk truck
Three Cheese Grilled Cheese was generously filled with aged gruyere, cheddar and domestic blue. Add to that caramelized granny smith apples on Rosemary Pullman bread. This ain’t your childhood grill cheese. Ooozing from left to right. Strings of cheese were ecstatically pulling out from every bite. The best part were the chard edges and cheese that escaped abd spent some time on the grill. Add to that the hint of sweetness from the apples and fragrant rosemary.

smorgasburg 7 brooklyn soda works
BROOKLYN SODA WORKS‘s grapefruit mint soda helped me wash it all down. It was citrusy and refreshing for a hot summer day. 

smorgasburg 8 peoples pops
PEOPLE’S POPS had their Peaches & Cream, perfect since they’re in season right now. I’ve been a big fan of their fruity pops, so this was a no brainer. Creamy popsicle with a load of fruit totally cooled me off. Sweet.

smorgasburg 2 the good batch
THE GOOD BATCH had some sinfully delightful ice cream sandwiches. These were selling like hot cakes, or “cold” cakes in this case? 
smorgasburg 3 the good batch ice cream sandwich
I think this was the Summer Orchard, or something “summer”. Adirondack vanilla ice cream and peaches sandwiched between spiced waffle cookies. The cookies were extra crunchy and hard. Holding the fast melting ice cream beautifully. Loved the use of in season yellow peaches. This was like an a-la-mode peach pie of sorts, only better! The other flavors, like chocolate, oat chunk cookies with sea salt were sold out when we got there. But on a hot summer day, the light breeze and fragrant peach and cold vanilla ice cream brought a smile to my face.

Great food, view and company. What else could a Chubby girl wish for.
Make some time this Saturday or any of the coming ones. Trust me this is worth your trip. Every Saturday until November! (I hear they move indoors after that).

Smorgasburg (Brooklyn Flea’s giant all food market)
Saturdays 10am-5pm (rain or shine)
East River Waterfront (btw North 6 and 7th St. Brooklyn)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    smorgasburg is one of the best things to happen to billyburg. your review highlighted the very best of it. did u get to use the food pass offered by giltcity?

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