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Kobeyaki: Decent sushi rolls for a quick meal

kobeyaki 1

Dear Food Diary:
We stumbled upon Kobeyaki the other night after kickboxing class. StalkerBoy wanted ramen and I was craving sushi, something quick and casual. Kobeyaki fit that bill, think modern Japanese/fusion style fast food joint.

COCORON: Cold soba noodles for a hot summer day

cocoron 1

Dear Food Diary:
On hot days like this one, all I want is a dish of cold soba (satisfying and healthy). I usually get my soba fix at Soba Totto or Soba Nippon when I’m in Midtown, but around the LES Cocoron has my heart. The place is small, so it gets crowded quickly, but well worth the wait.

BOHEMIAN NYC: the no phone number “secret” joint behind the butcher shop

bohemian 3

Dear Food Diary:

A couple years ago, I had my first taste of Japanese Premium Beef and it was unforgettable. This high end/high quality butcher sells Washu-gyu beef (a black angus/wagyu cross raised in Oregon, using strictly Japanese techniques), think kobe beef of America.

Behind the spotless shop you’ll find their adjacent restaurant Bohemian, which has been on my list since ’09, so I finally set a date with StalkerBoy. After all this time, it might not be as “secret” anymore, but I was still excited.

They have a strict reservation by phone only policy, the problem is, their number isn’t listed anywhere! (In order to keep it “secret” they’ve respectfully asked everyone not to publish it, though if you dug a little on the internet you should be able to figure it out). 

BAR AKARIBA: The perfect hideaway date

Dear Food Diary:
Sometimes not having a reservation leaves room for wonderful new findings. While in Williamsburg last time, we wanted to check out Zenkichi, but without any tables that night sans reservation, our disappointment was greeted with it’s adjacent sister Bar Akariba (sake and oyster bar).

RAMEN MISOYA: “Me So” Salty!!!

Ramen Misoya 1

Dear Food Diary:
Yes, winter is here and “ramen season” has started, but is there room on this tiny island of Manhattan for yet another ramen joint? Apparently so. With stores in Tokyo, Kyoto, Silicon Valley and Taipei, I wasn’t going to let this one by without slurping a big bowl of steaming goodness.
Ramen Misoya 7
Ramen Misoya took over that “doomed” spot on 2nd Ave, right around the corner of St. Mark Place. Over the years, this narrow little space has hosted a number of eateries, none memorable. There’s a tv screen on the back showing you the kitchen, sort of like an open kitchen I guess? Though nothing beats sitting at Totto Ramen’s counter and watching them torch the pork and prep your ramen.
Ramen Misoya 8
The menu consist of 3 different types of miso(miso paste is made with fermenting rice, barley and or soybeans with salt and fungus. Different combinations/fermenting time/preparation make the types of miso).