BOHEMIAN NYC: the no phone number “secret” joint behind the butcher shop

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Dear Food Diary:

A couple years ago, I had my first taste of Japanese Premium Beef and it was unforgettable. This high end/high quality butcher sells Washu-gyu beef (a black angus/wagyu cross raised in Oregon, using strictly Japanese techniques), think kobe beef of America.

Behind the spotless shop you’ll find their adjacent restaurant Bohemian, which has been on my list since ’09, so I finally set a date with StalkerBoy. After all this time, it might not be as “secret” anymore, but I was still excited.

They have a strict reservation by phone only policy, the problem is, their number isn’t listed anywhere! (In order to keep it “secret” they’ve respectfully asked everyone not to publish it, though if you dug a little on the internet you should be able to figure it out). 

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I’m a beef lover, so this is my candy shop!

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After ringing the door bell, we were greeted by a relaxing and chill living room. Couches, low chairs, pillows and a wall full of photo journalistic prints of Asian faces and landscape.
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I love how everyone’s handcrafted napkin had different prints. Very cute.

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A full bar plus and array of Asian inspired cocktails. I saw yuzu in the Type C and couldn’t resist. Yuzu pepper infused gin, yuzu and honey syrup, fresh lemon juice and homemade yuzu salt around the rim. Delightfully sweet and fragrant citrus, tart with a little kick and salt. Cheers and another round please!

They have a Bohemian Tasting for $55 (6 courses) which isn’t bad but no steak, only Washu-beef mini burger. Since this is behind the butcher, it didn’t make sense not to order a good piece of steak, so we went a la carte instead.

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bohemian 4
ICE BUCKET OF FRESH OYSTERS with apple cider vinegar & fresh key lime
We only ordered it because there were great reviews, but I would skip it next time. I mean, they were fresh and the fruity vinegar added a nice sweetness, but I’ve had better oysters elsewhere and would rather save room in my tummy.

bohemian 11
bohemian 10
WASHU-BEEF SHORT RIB SASHIMI with hon-wasabi & garlic soy sauce
Now we’re talking! Barely kissed by fire, there is a much welcomed hint of that chard flavor. Tender, melt in your mouth with a light brightness from the sweet wasabi. Very subtle, just a little dip in the garlic soy and a symphony started in my mouth. All  I could do was smile, this is what I came for… ohhh beef… ohhh

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UNI CROQUETTE mushroom cream with fresh sea urchin
I love anything uni, but this was total indulgence. At $13 each, well worth it. Super fresh uni melts into the soft center of the earthy croquette. Sweet and creamy, crunchy and savory. One of the best croquettes I’ve had.

bohemian 15bohemian 16
MISO BLACK COD with sea urchin gratin
I thought I knew my miso cod until I had this one. Wow! What have I been missing all these years… The chard exterior is sweet and savory with a hint of umami The flaky fish melts in your mouth. Ohhh so buttery and tender. Oozing cheese and uni on the side, with that nice bubbly crust on top, who can resist it? Sweet, creamy and pipping hot. Who knew a bite of the two together would be such a perfect match, I think I’m in love. To all the other miso cods in the city, sorry, but we have to break-up.


Its gotta be serious stuff when you need a cow board to feature the butcher’s selection of the day. Plus, this is right behind a butcher shop, it would be crazy not to order their famed washu! CRAZY!!!

We went for the Chuck Flap, which is around the shoulder area I believe.
bohemian 17
CHUCK FLAP with fried satsuma sweet potatoes, garlic and rosemary
Classic combination of flavors. Rosemary and garlic are so fragrant, they never disappoint. It smelled phenomenal. 11.5oz of beef goodness at $71. Worth every hard earned penny.

bohemian 21
Great beef doesn’t need much. A bit of salt is more than enough.
bohemian 20
The fried satsuma sweet potato (we did a $2 substitute, it is also a side on the menu) was addicting. It has a crunchy caramelized exterior with skin and a soft sweet center. Sooo good! not to be missed.
bohemian 19
Perfectly seared cubes of marbled goodness. So flavorful, buttery and incredibly tender.bohemian 18
If this is not a food porn moment, I’m not sure what is. Tender grilled garlic melts along the medium rare washu and a dash of salt. This carnivore was elated. I can’t wait to go back for more.

bohemian 8
SAKE PANNACOTTA with Nanbu-Bijin Daniginjo sake
Smooth, silky and creamy. The sake adds a fragrance to it, just the right amount of alcohol. Subtle and not overpowering. I’ve had a better version at Sakagura, but this was a good way to end the meal.

Being the beef lover that I am ( I did grow up in the land of beef aka Argentina) I predict being a regular here for sure.

To be respectful to Bohemian and their concept, I won’t post their phone number, but after all these years, it’s not exactly such a secret anymore and like I said, if you spend a bit of time digging on their site, you should be able to figure it out.

P.S. Chubby’s Rating: chubby rating 5
57 Great Jones St

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16 Responses to BOHEMIAN NYC: the no phone number “secret” joint behind the butcher shop

  1. TT says:

    wow, quite the beef-fest. looks pretty good.

    pretty strange seating. i think i would be uncomfortable trying to eat from a low couch. lots of hunching would be required.

  2. Yeah TT the beef was amazing!
    I did take off 1/2 chubby for the odd seating, thought cute… it wasn’t as comfortable and service was ok, though I had to ask for water a couple times…
    food wise it was really good and I’ll def be returning

  3. LF says:

    Is there any chance you can pass me the phone number?

  4. Ro says:

    Can I show up and ask them for a business card or talk to someone there?

  5. Al says:

    I have walked by this place so many times and never knew there is such a restaurant behind it. May I please have their number? It means a lot to me!

  6. Catrina Ama says:


    I have the phone number, but they want a reference. Would you mind if I use you as a reference? I’ll send positive vibes your way.


  7. PT says:

    I really want to take my best friend there for her birthday. They asked for a reference and contact number. I have no clue and I don’t know who to ask. I hope that I can use you as my reference. If that is ok with you?

  8. PT says:

    I really want to take my best friend there for her birthday. They asked for a referal contact number. I have no clue and I don’t know who to ask. Do you mind sharing it with me If that is ok with you? Thank you so much

  9. Mr Proposal says:

    I’m looking to plan an important night out, I’ll be proposing to my girlfriend and she keeps talking about this place. I was hoping to take here there then ask for her hand, can someone help me with getting the phone number and reference name?

    Thank you!

  10. HW says:

    Me and my girlfriend will be flying to NYC from Columbus this coming Christmas. I really want to bring her to the Bohemian but I know it is impossible to make a reservation without a referral. Do you mind sharing a referral contact with me please? I appreciate for your help! Thank you very much!

  11. frg says:

    trying to get in! possible to get your email?! visiting for a few days~

  12. christ0x says:

    OMG i heard so much about this place that I need to take my wife. She is crazy about Japanese food. Our one year anniversary is coming up and I would love to take her. I was able to locate the number but need a referral to make a reservation. You would mind helping me out with a referral? Thanks.

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