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tsushima 3

Dear Food Diary:
I’ve been a fan of Tsushima’s lunch specials for years, but even more so now that offer DAILY SPECIALS and Happy Hour (11:30am – 12pm) Basically about 30% off! Deal/Steal/Score!!! 

15 EAST: Live Lobster Sashimi!

15 EAST 1
Dear Food Diary:
ALERT! the title pretty much sums up this post, so if you’re gonna get all animal activist on me after reading, please stop right here. Otherwise, if you’re like Underground dining and I, and “live lobster” just tickles your excitement, enjoy! (video, pics and all, this one’s for you).
15 EAST 3
15 East has a really sleek, spacious and modern dining room.
15 EAST 2
Would of been better if we had a seat by the bar, but our corner table was comfy enough to get us ready for that “live” friend we were about to devour. The $19 Sparking Yuzu Cocktail (hou-hou shu, yuzu juice) didn’t justify the price, though citrus sparkly was a good start.

JEWEL BAKO: Not so “Bizarre Food”ish

Jewel Bako 1
Dear Food Diary:
As you know by now, I’m a huge fan of Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods (the reason I got cable in the first place). A while ago, he did an episode in NY and went to Jewel Bako. Ever since then, it’s been on my list of “must eat at places”, but as you know, living in NYC, this list is endless, and somehow, I just never got to it. Next thing you know, more than a year and change have past. Even so, I remembered it when Underground Dining and I met up for dinner a couple weeks ago. If anyone was gonna try all the things he had in the episode below with me, she would be the one.

Pretty awesome stuff no? I couldn’t wait!!! I wanted some of that lobster sashimi (which I’ve had in Boston and here in Sushi Samba, love love love), geoduck (so sweet, I’ve had it in other places) and those octupus cups with yuzu ( I was so “tasting” forward to them).

EN BRASSERIE: Fish Head, Eel Bones & Beer

EN fish head, eel bones & beer 10
Dear Food Diary:
First Saturday of every month UPDATE: First Thursday of each month, at 10pm, EN Japanese Brasserie hosts a dinner inspired by their staff. The idea is to not let anything go to waste. The chef uses left over ingredients like fish heads, eel bones, vegetables and scraps of wagyu beef and whips up a creative late night meal for themselves, traditionally called Makanai. EN brings this concept to diners, a rare and unique treat for food lovers and late night munchers. Dishes change seasonally, below was our fun and yummy $45 experience (food + beer).
EN fish head, eel bones & beer 8
This was a casual affair… really really casual, we almost felt like we worked there or something. First claim your seat, then go over and hand the bartender your glass for unlimited Sapporo beer throughout the meal. Then it’s all self serve, free for all. At first we felt like there wasn’t enough food, but then they kept bringing out more and our tummies were fully satisfied and happy. 

Donburiya: After work drinks and Japanese tapas

Donburiya 4

Dear Food Diary:
After a @##$#$ day at work, dealing with #$#%$%$ people, all I needed was a drink and some good food to cheer me up. Donburiya is one of those go to places for such days.