Motorino: Out with the old, in with the “delizioso” new!

Dear Food Diary:
When the dude from Una Pizza Napolitana left for the West Coast, pizza lovers all over were weeping over the thin crusted goodness. But fast forward a couple month, in comes Motorino and all our tears are wiped by an even better baked round dough+cheese+meat. Same oven, but better pizza if you ask me.
The unexpected was the uber delicious octopus. “THE IMPORTED” Octopus Conserva is chunky and meaty, very tender and oh so good swirled around olive oil, soft fingerling potatoes and crunchy celery. Not overly seasoned, natural flavors dance around and mingle. I could eat a whole bowl or bucket. This started the meal off real high, so naturally my tastepectations went up a notch.

Our first pizza is their Brooklyn store’s classic, Mozzarella di Bufala, garlic, basil, Prosciutto di Parma, sprinkled with pecorino right out of the oven and drizzled with olive oil.
Melting cheese, chard crust, soft, crunchy, and salty, no wonder it’s a classic. There was nothing not to like here. Pizza with some kind of meat (I have a love affair with meat that’s cured) was right up my tastebuds’ alley.

Our second choice was Smoked Scamorzza. Ohhhhhhhhhh let me tell you, at the first bite of this, I was actually glad Una Pizza Napolitana left! Yes, there, I said it… I was happy and clapping, smiling with joy, with a mouth full of perfection. This is what I’m talking about! It even threw my requirement of “must have tomato sauce” out the window, and that ain’t an easy task.
There’s a natural sweetness from the squash, smokiness from mio amore – the pancetta and smoked scamorzza (Italian cow’s milk cheese, similar to mozzarella, traditionally used in a lot of Neapolitan dishes. My first time having it on pizza and won’t be my last), plus a little bit of sage. I’d go back for this level of yumminess over and over again. Loved every bite, and if I were married to Co, this is where I’d go for “an affair”.
I still like Co.’s dough/crust better, it’s a little chewier and more flavorful, but this one comes pretty close and the octopus and smoked scamorzza are calling me again right now.
P.S. Chubby’s RATING: 
349 East 12th street

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