Northern Spy Food Co.: Simple farm to table food

Dear Food Diary:
After watching Food Inc. last night, I thought to myself, thank goodness for this farm to table boom. I’m glad I can afford the fruits, veggies and eggs from the farmers market nearby, it’s such a big difference in taste. This is the way they were suppose to taste and shouldn’t be a luxury. Our health is our most prized gift, yet we’re slowly killing ourselves with processed junk. The worst part is, it’s just so hard to break away from it 100% (for me at least) but I do try my best. Less quantity but better quality is the way to go.
With that said, Blue Hill at Stone Barns is great, but I don’t live anywhere near. Blue Hills in the city (post to come) is also darn good, but my wallet can’t handle dinner there regularly, which is where Northern Spy Food Co comes into the picture. It’s no Blue Hill, but it’s simple farm to table food and I dig that.
I went with Sketchy Grub after reading about it in a Time Out a couple weeks after their opening. There’s a little market in the back and the blue park benches set a cute tone to the whole ambiance. We ordered a couple dishes to share.
The Farmers Salad was truly the essence of what farm to table means to me, very simple, lightly seasoned and just the pleasure of tasting each ingredient’s natural flavors. Sweet potato, brussels sprout leaves, and potatoes, drizzled with a nice vinagrette.
They had purchased a whole pig from upstate that week, so this was a no brainer. The pork was good, but not the best I’ve had. It had a sweet sauce with slightly caramelized whole onions. Just ok.
Wild Mushroom Polenta side dish was a winner. Really flavorful and creamy. It made me want to lick the bowl. A spoonful of joy in something very simple, I fully enjoyed it.
Their menu seems to vary slightly daily, depending on the availability of ingredients. If I’m in the area, I’ll def go back for another meal or two.

P.S. Chubby’s RATING:
511 East 12 Street

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