BACK FORTY: Summer Crab Boils every Tuesday (’til Sept 3rd)

Dear Food Diary:
Last Tuesday, went down to Back Forty for their annual summer crab boil. If your feeling like getting your hands dirty and doing some tasty crab and beer, tomorrow is your night. Well, tomorrow and every Tuesday night until right before Labor Day. For $40, you get an insane amount of steamed blue crabs, corn, potato, corn bread and cobbler dessert. Get your tix for tomorrow here! (from Brown Paper Tickets).
We started our crabby night at the bar with their signature cocktails. Red and Black (tequila, strawberries, black pepper, lime) summery with a kick and a pepper rim, interesting combo of flavors. Loisaida Sling (cachaca, ginger beer, chipotle) this one was super spicy, in a good way, it got my tongue ready for the spicy feast ahead. If your into Bourbon or Whiskey, they seemed to have a good selection of things, both local and imported. 

When our communal table was ready, we sat down, the waiter helped us break the ice around the table, making us introduce ourselves to the people directly next to us, a big toast as we lifted our drinks all around and off we went “family style”. Newspaper, mallet, rolled up sleeves and a bunch of strangers… all for the love of sweet blue crabs.
BACK FORTY crab boil 4
3 FULL ROUNDS OF CRAB!!! Yeah, more than you can eat. Dumped deliberately on our long table. Piles and piles of steamed blue crab with their house made spicy old bay and beer! Purty darn spicy with a sweet delicate crab meat inside, a little work but totally worth it if you ask me! Loved as we cool our tongues and lips with an icy cold light ale. BACK FORTY 11

Corn Bread came in the form of a lady finger cookie shape. Soft, buttery and sweet. To enhance it, they brought us this heavenly maple butter, sooo good. I could have eaten the whole plate, but this was family style, and the waiter said “you have to share!”. BACK FORTY crab boil  6
Butter soaked grilled corn: check!BACK FORTY crab boil  7
Butter soaked potatoes: check!BACK FORTY crab boil  5
We ate till our tummies content. I pushed myself to do an extra crab or two, but in this after work match of man vs crab… crab won by far. There was so much, they had to take it back. It was fun and tasty, but only so much we were able to conquer.BACK FORTY crab boil  8
For dessert we had a sweet and tart Blueberry Cobbler a la mode. A great way to end the meal and sort of start the work week. Our tummy was satisfied and our tastebuds were pleased. We left the place super crabby… NO, I mean happy! 

P.S. Chubby’s RATING: 

190 Avenue B
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