SCHNITZEL & THINGS: From mobile to midtown

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Dear Food Diary:

At some point last year, it seemed like brick to truck was all people wanted to do, but then the reverse started happening. Either way, its more yummy for our tummy. As a midtown luncher, I’ve been super excited about this new addition to the East side. Signs have been up for weeks. Finally, the first taste today.

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Last time I had Schnitzel & Things was at the Vendy’s 2010. Since September, I’ve been hoping for their truck to be near my area. My wish came true in a more prominent form, yeap, no more Twitter, I can get my fix of deep fried goodness anytime I fancy! How exciting!!! I must of said that 3 times while in line… “I’m so excited!”… (yeah, I know, it doesn’t take much these days, I should get out of the office more).
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Assembly line style. As any fast food. Order protein first. Veal Schnitzel for me please!
schnitzel and things 4
Choice of sides and sauces. I remembered the beets were my favorite last time (no feta cheese though).
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Portions are quite generous. 2 big pieces of Veal Schnitzel. Crispy, not as hot as I would of liked it and a little bit dry. The lemon helped. I of course went for the garlic and scallion relish (the China girl in me really needed something familiar, LOL, think salt baked chicken in chinatown), adds flavor. The Pesto Mayo didn’t taste too different from regular mayo, but again, helped with the slightly dry meat. Beets were as good as I remembered, sweet and nicely seasoned. The Cucumber Salad with garlic was a perfect balance to the fried, crisp and crunchy. Overall I enjoyed my meal and was so stuffed, I skipped dinner. So even thought the platter and extra condiment cost over $13, I got 2 meals out of it.

P.S. Chubby’s RATING:
723 Third Avenue (btw 45th & 46th)

3 Responses to SCHNITZEL & THINGS: From mobile to midtown

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am glad to see they have an actual shop because I could never get to the truck! looks good, I need to try it but yeah portions very large. Can you order half ? thanx for the post!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ah I didn't know the truck became a brick and mortar shop! I've been meaning to try out their food during lunch

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ooo I love Schnitzel & Things!! Except I like feta cheese in the beets.. 🙂 Thanks for the preview!

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