The Breslin: Love at first bite… Whole Sucking Pig

The Breslin Whole Sucking Pig Dinner 1
“Oh little piggy, how I love thee. Thy luscious crisp skin and thy tender, moist and juicy nourishing flesh” (drooling as I’m reciting… hard to concentrate).

Dear Food Diary:
This was an epic dinner months in the making. Back in Feb, when I met Gypsy-Addie at a blogger’s dinner for the first time, we instantly hit it off and planned for this feast. It took months of going back and forth over emails. Getting 8 piggy-vores together on the same night, while making sure The Breslin could accommodate us before 10 PM wasn’t easy. But numerous calls and emails later, we signed the contract and were ready as ever!!!
The Breslin Whole Sucking Pig Dinner 18
Finally!!! we were here. Didn’t think much about the decor, actually didn’t think about anything, my mind was preoccupied with anticipation of our whole hog. 
The Breslin Whole Sucking Pig Dinner 17
All ready! Abita beer at hand, let’s get the feast started!
The Breslin Whole Sucking Pig Dinner 7
The Caesar Salad was great, crisp lettuce, a good shaving of parmesan, crunchy buttery croutons, whole anchovies and fried herbs on top. Can’t remember what herb it was, didn’t pay too much attention, I couldn’t focus… I just wanted that whole piggy! any other day, I would of liked the salad, and elaborated on the flavors yada yada yada… but not this night, this wasn’t the time or place for veggies.
The Breslin Whole Sucking Pig Dinner 8
The SIDES were great! 
The Breslin Whole Sucking Pig Dinner 12
That Duck Fat Roasted Potato was quacking away in flavor town. Oil soaked crispy outside and moist inside, with an intense duck aroma. A heart attack waiting to happen, in the most willingly way possible.

Ohhhhhhh YES!!! DRUM ROLL… 
The Breslin Whole Sucking Pig Dinner 3
It took 2 men to carry this baby over. HOT!!! 
The Breslin Whole Sucking Pig Dinner 2
All the other diners around us either looked at us with admiration or disgust. There was no in between here, either you loved the sight or hated it.
The Breslin Whole Sucking Pig Dinner 9
A shot from every angle… yep! he was the star! I was hoping for nice crunchy ears to munch on, but instead, they came out super puffed up and had texture of thin chips. 

ATTACK!!!  Our waitress was a cute, petite little girl, but when it was time to divvy up the succulent goods she was like a man! We all had this frighted look, no one wanted to do the dirty work, but she went right at it! Ahhh my new hero! 
WARNING: This is “PORKN” (Pork Porn) for sure! Watch at your own discretion…

The Breslin Whole Sucking Pig Dinner 16
I started off with some Pork Belly… ohhhh soo fatty and good. Drippingly moist and flavorful. Then went to some Shoulder and Butt. And of course, that Crispy, Crunchy, slightly chewy Skin was amazing! I want sheets of them, packed fresh and hot! I wish someone would find a way to do that and sell them! No, not chicharron, but just like this! Dripping in pork au jus, fat and flava’.
The Breslin Whole Sucking Pig Dinner 6
No one went in for the Cheeks! so I had to do the tough job… Ohhhhh my!!! The Pork Fairy was by my side, as my tastebuds danced cheek to cheek. Goodness gracious! Just when I thought nothing could beat that chunk of pork belly, the hog outdid itself once again! 
The Breslin Whole Sucking Pig Dinner 10
I like to taste my meat, pure and simple, so marinates and sauces aren’t mandatory, but welcomed. After all, I did grow up with the best Chimichurri. Their version or Salsa Verde had a strong hand of mint, brightened it up and gave it a nice change, but it overpowered the meat. Though the garlic as usual played well with the meat. The Salsa Rossa had a smokey tomato flavor, thick and more like a paste. Both were decent sauces, but I found their presence a little redundant.

The Breslin Whole Sucking Pig Dinner 13
I think we did well, we tried our best. On this “man vs food” night, man didn’t win, but I certainly wouldn’t call this a loss either. 
The Breslin Whole Sucking Pig Dinner 5
I was sad to see piggy go… but it was time, this was over… all good things come to an end at some point…
The Breslin Whole Sucking Pig Dinner 19
As they took piggy away, our table was flooded, not with tears or drool (in case you’re wondering), but with a sea of pork fat!!! I so wish they could of bottled it for us to take home, instead of wasting it on huge napkins. If you decide to go, maybe bring straws or something?

The Breslin Whole Sucking Pig Dinner 14
Just when I swore I couldn’t eat another bite. As I enjoyed being in that pork high I just experienced, they bring this out! Really? Not something light like a fruit tart or berries? But a rich Bittersweet Chocolate Tart to end this heavy meal? Is that really necessary?… 
The answer is YES! it was and I was wrong for even questioning it.
The Breslin Whole Sucking Pig Dinner 15
My gosh, as heavy and dense as this was, it was bittersweet pleasure on my tongue, tickled by sprinkles of sea salt. Then that buttery crust comes in and the textures collide in a perfectly sweet way. Wow, sooo good. How can I still finish this whole piece, vanilla ice cream and all I don’t know. But it was so worth the intense food coma that followed and continued to the next day… soooo worth it!
The Breslin Whole Sucking Pig Dinner 4
And there we all are… brought together closer by our piggy. From the top, Andrew, Brian, Donuts4dinner and her bf, me, Gypsy Addie, Bionic Bites, Tiffany and Ramblings and Gambling. At almost $95 a pop after drinks and all, it wasn’t the most economical way to have pork, but definitely a memorable one! I loved it! 

P.S. Chubby’s RATING: 1/2
16 West 29 st

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  1. Anonymous says:

    holy crap. you tore that pig up!!

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    Looks like a lovely meal gathering of the bloggers:)
    But, oh, the poor little pig..

  4. Anonymous says:

    Had I known I was going to have a c sectioj abd weight wasn't going to be an issue I wouldn't have missed out on this! The hog is impressive as is the petite girl's knife skills. What an epic meal!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yeah! we sure did!!!!

    Glad u guys made it!

    @ Christy
    Yeap bloggers and food always a good yummy time

    I know!!! you would of liked it! next time =) maybe baby Alexander will be amused to see piggy hehe

  6. Anonymous says:

    hod dang! I hope there were left overs! I bet that would make some mighty fine sandwiches! looks tasty!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wow, no leftovers to spare. Impressive! I've had the fries at the Breslin..really really good

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