NYC ICY: The perfect cure for this heat! (CLOSED)

nyc icy 1
Dear Food Diary:
It’s been quite hot in NYC this week. I wished I had NYC ICY right now! so I could cool my body and entertain my tastebuds with their amazing ices. It’s like your childhood italian ices with a gourmet twist.

nyc icy 3
This is awesome stuff. Super creative and interesting flavors. 
nyc icy 2 
I love mango basil, fruity with a hint of the herb and for cream icy, I like the thai ice tea, or any tea variation they have, like earl grey or creme brulee! Refreshingly satisfying and sweet! Perfect for a day like today! I won’t be around Alphabet City or Brooklyn tonight, but thank goodness they deliver!
P.S. Chubby’s RATING:chubby rating 5
Manhattan: 171 Avenue A (between 10th and 11th st)
Brooklyn: 905 Church Ave
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