David Burke KITCHEN: Jars & Fried Chicken Brunch

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Dear Food Diary:
I’ve been a loyal David Burke follower. From Fishtail, Townhouse, to his Beverage Series, I find his food to be solid and unpretentious. Plus, I trust chubby chefs and what they bring to the plate. DB Kitchen is his attempt on farm to table. 
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Tucked inside chic The James Hotel, DB Kitchen has an airy, open and bright main dining room and bar. Pleasant, warm and zero stuffiness. With friendly and attentive service. 

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During warmer weather, the upstairs Treehouse Bar is open. Great for a sunny and lazy day brunch.
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The meal starts off a la farm day picnic style with farm fresh carrots, grapes, and bread. Jams and condiments on the side.
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My first visit was back on Easter Sunday. They were giving these cute eggs to kids, naturally my friend W convinced the waiter to give me one. LOL. Meet Mr. Porky. My last visit was at the Treehouse, but forgot to bring him along, my bad.
David Burke Kitchen 8
I tortured Mr. Porky with my yummy side of MAPLE BACON. He didn’t want to partake, but I made him watch. Hmmmmm bacon, delicious savory sweetness and crunchy fat, this felt like a sin.

David Burke Kitchen 5
CHICKEN LIVER / PISTACHIO has the perfect texture of creamy liver with crunchy roasted pistachios. The nutty flavors enhance the deep aromas of the melt in your tongue mouse. Rustic and hearty, a little goes a long way. 
David Burke Kitchen 15
TOMATO / EGGPLANT / RICOTTA TRIFLE was recommended by our waiter. It was like having a piece of the garden on a little toast. Fresh bright flavors of ripe tomato and eggplant with creamy ricotta. 

David Burke Kitchen 7
CHEDDAR WAFFLES AND FRIED CHICKEN was a yummy heart attack on a plate. See what I mean by trusting chubby chefs? As if waffles and chicken weren’t gluttony enough, he adds cheddar to the mix. There’s a certain chew and crisp in the dough, plus the added cheesy saltiness in every bite. Along with maple syrup, there’s a house made chipotle sauce.
David Burke Kitchen 12
All together, you get this well seasoned, super crunchy and juicy chicken over crunchy and chewy waffle. Topped with sweet syrup, while dripping this tongue pleasing hot and smokey chipotle concoction. It’s a mess, in the best way possible. Sweet, savory, spicy, all at once, yet in different combinations every forkful. A bit of crunch here, some juicy pieces there, this Chubby was rubbing her tummy, yummm.

The other mains were good, but nothing beat the fried chicken.

David Burke Kitchen 10
VERY BERRY PANCAKE had a mix of all the good for you berries. The pancakes were decent, but not out of this world.
David Burke Kitchen 16
CINNAMON RAISIN STUFFED FRENCH TOAST with mascarpone and spiced maple just looked appetizing and it sure was. Nice coating for crunch, while the center is soft and moist. As good as french toast gets.
David Burke Kitchen 9  
CAN O’ FRITTATA wowed us with the presentation. But even the garden fresh mushrooms, asparagus, tomato and roast pepper couldn’t make it unique. It was good, along the side of home style potatoes. But not special for me to go on and on about, certainly not something I would order again.

Both brunches here were pretty satisfying. I think I’ll be a content repeat customer if I just stick to the jars and cheddar waffle fried chicken. I would rate it a bit more than 3.5, but not quite 4. One of my complains is the lack of freshly squeezed juices, theirs comes from a bottle which sort of veers off from the whole farm to table.

P.S. Chubby’s RATING:chubby rating 3.5(close to 4)
23 Grand St
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