Yogi Korean Tacos cart in midtown

Dear Food Diary:
I was pleasantly surprised to see this cart at the corner of 47th and 3rd ave yesterday . I love Korilla, but the truck is hardly around Midtown East and when it is, the line is insane (for good reason). Yogi on the other hand is a cart, there “permanently” during lunch time (for now at least).

The menu is pretty simple, 3 proteins: chicken, beef or spicy pork. Served in 3 variations: taco, gyro or over rice. Even though the line was quite short, they were slow. I waited for about 20 minutes for my 3 tacos. The guys behind the counter told me they use to be Uptown, but judging from the flow of things, I would of thought this was their first week.

Spicy Pork Taco had a good amount of meat. Even though it lacked on the chard department, the sweet and spicy had a nice balance to it. The kimchi was great, but could of left out the pico de gallo. The pieces of lettuce on top seemed a bit arbitrary. I would of loved something more… hmmm… korean? some mountain vegetables or something a bit different? Don’t get me wrong, I liked the flavors and that creamy spicy sauce, but I don’t think that lettuce belonged. And the flour tortillas were average, from a pack.

Beef Bulgogi Taco had the exact same toppings as the pork. The beef itself was way too sweet for me.

Overall, I thought they were ok, but could definitely use some improvement. I would have the spicy pork again, maybe over rice, but I do hope they add a variety of toppings. Each taco was $3, I ordered 2 pork and a beef, but honestly I would of been full with just two. They were filled generously.

I was quite excited to see this and pictured myself as a regular while waiting on line. But it didn’t turn out as I imagined,  Korilla still has my heart.

P.S. Chubby’s Rating:(Closer to 3)

Corner of 47th & 3rd ave

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