Feliz 25 de Mayo para todos los Argentinos!

Feliz 25 de Mayo para todos los Argentinos!

Dear Food Diary:
Today is a special day in which Argentineans celebrate the Day of the May Revolution (Argentina’s Independence from Spain in 1810).
To commemorate this year, I wanted to give little taste of my Argentina, the one I grew up in…

From breakfast of churros to the best helado (ice-cream). My favorite choripan street food. To the cattle and sheep in Patagonia. Sipping mate. And ultimately wonder of Perito Moreno Glacier.

With such vast and abundant city life, culture and natural resources, it’s a shame Argentina has been dealt with hand after hand of corrupt government.
Regardless of political situation, this place full of life. Everything can be done tomorrow and ultimately it will always be my home. I can’t wait to be back.

Feliz Dia!