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Dear Food Diary:
Upper West Side just got a sprinkle of fairy dust. It’s a little sweeter with the addition of Sugar and Plumm. This place looks like the dream of a chubby fairy godmother, seriously, just looking around makes your sugar levels go high, thankfully there’s also a full menu with non sugary items. Their pastries are by Pichet Ong (Sport Dessert Bar) and all savory comfort food dishes by chef Steven Ferdinard (soups, salads and entree choices).

It opened to some controversy, having to tone down on the “cute factor” (boooooo), but honestly I find the Planet Sushi neon sign across the street way more disruptive.

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Pretty pinks and lilacs dominate the bright store. Caution, if you bring your child, they may never want to leave! And if refuse to get them anything, you are cruel! LOL. There’s something for everyone and every taste… “50 shades of a sweet tooth” (ok, maybe that doesn’t make sense, but yes, I had to go there! you get it, right?)

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Everything and anything from French macaroons to shakes, cakes, and crepes. You can’t help and smile, while the buttery aromas dance in the air.

We started with the savories. Yes, they do have a liquor license if you want an adult beverage or two. Cocktails, wine and beer.

sugar and plumm - rabbit confit salad
(see if you can spot a rabbit on the plate, see the eyes? doesn’t it look like it?)
sugar and plumm - rabbit confit salad 2
RABBIT SEASON SALAD confit rabbit, soft poached egg, wild rocket, carrot, haricot vert, orange-cider vinaigrette, pistachio, petite mint
I was surprised to see rabbit on the menu, but then again, at such a whimsical place, why not! It was tender, not much flavor so it didn’t take away the freshness of the greens. The egg was perfectly poached, running through the fresh vegetables and crunch from the pistachio. A bright finish from the orange and mint. Light and filling. I wouldn’t mind having it again.

sugar and plumm - chicken and waffles
CHICKEN AND WAFFLES crispy free- range chicken, vermont maple syrup, dairy farm butter
My ultimate comfort food. The chicken batter was light without compromising on crisp and crunch. The portion wasn’t too big and the wings had a lot of hair on it, which was a turn off (I cut that off, but StalkerBoy ate it anyways, I guess anything fried is ok for him!!! *sigh*. But overall the flavors were good, nicely seasoned and the airy waffle and maple syrup brought it up a notch. There was a spicy, smokey sauce on the side that gave it another note. Great savory and sweet play.

sugar and plumm - salmon
CRISPY SKIN SALMON lemon hollandaise, haricot vert
They delivered on crispiness here for sure. So much so, it almost tasted like a chip, in a good way of course. Pretty decent but not moist enough, lots of butter. That skin stole the show.

They also had footlong hot dogs, burgers, lobster rolls, pulled pork, steak, etc… but it was time to move on to the sweets.

sugar and plumm - earthquake in a fishbowl
EARTHQUAKE IN A FISHBOWL heaven/hell cake, cheesecake, key lime pie, brooklyn blackout cake, butterscotch pudding, hazelnut (instead of vanilla), chocolate, salted caramel ice cream, fresh whipped cream
An dessert orgy for sure. Seriously, who thought of this? it’s crazy!!! Like crazy sugar high good! Their cheesecake could is comparable to Juniors, rich and creamy with a super buttery/crumbly crust. Chocolate cake was really moist and dark. The salted caramel added a brief break from all that sweet mess. Every spoonful was a different combination of pure, unobstructed pleasure. This pushed my rating from 3 Chubby’s to 3.5 for sure. If I’m gonna pig out dessert style, this would be it! (or would “fish out” be more appropriate?)

CRACKLING BAKED ALASKA chocolate ice cream, cashews, chocolate cake, Poprocks, caramel chocolate sauce, rhum flambe
Wasn’t the expected old school dessert I was hoping for (DBGB has a pretty good one). The Poprocks definitely made it fun for big kids, brought back fond memories. I’m all for boozy desserts, but the rum flavors were a bit overwhelming. Overall a bit too sweet and before I could get to the icy, it seemed like this was melting Alaska instead.

Overall I thought it was a nice addition to the neighborhood. Though there are better chocolate and ice creams at Jacque Torres (not too far away), this is a pleasant and spacious sit down joint to bring kids of any age. There are plenty of choice for everyone and a little sweet never hurt anyone.

P.S. Chubby’s Rating:< chubby rating
377 Amsterdam Ave
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