[LAS VEGAS] Jean Philippe Patisserie: Unadulterated indulgence + the world’s biggest chocolate fountain

[LAS VEGAS] Jean Philippe Patisserie: Unadulterated indulgence + the world’s biggest chocolate fountain

Jean Philippe Patisserie - Las Vegas

Dear Food Diary:
French pastry Chef Jean Philippe brought his A game to Las Vegas. His beautiful pastries, chocolates, cakes and the best  ham & cheese croissant I’ve ever had. To top it off, he also built the World’s Biggest Chocolate Fountain (Guinness World Record). The ultimate unadulterated indulgence. Grand in every way. It’s Sin City after all.

In our short 30hr stop, we let our sweet tooth go wild twice. Once at the Bellagio, where the chocolate fountain is housed and an afternoon break at the Aria, where the chocolate dragon is proudly shown.

Jean Philippe Patisserie - guinness records world's biggest chocolate fountain - Las Vegas
Here’s the World’s Biggest Chocolate Fountain at the Bellagio. I had the urge to stand beneath and let it cover all over me from head to toe.

Jean Philippe Patisserie - Las Vegas 2
Our morning breakfast, first stop. It was hard to choose, seriously…

Jean Philippe Patisserie - iced mocha - Las Vegas 2
I had a Iced Dark Chocolate Mocha. It was a bit too rich and sweet for me. StalkerBoy had their Hot Chocolate which was just as rich.

Jean Philippe Patisserie - best ham and cheese croissant - Las Vegas
Their Ham & Cheese Croissant, one of the best I’ve ever had. The cheese is a layer of divine crust but also oozing out from the center. This isn’t for the faint of heart. It was outrageously buttery and cheesy. Calories well spent though. Sooo good. StalkerBoy and I still drool when we talk about it.

Jean Philippe Patisserie - asparagus quiche - Las Vegas
Asparagus Quiche was pretty good too. Nice crumbly crust. But not as memorable as the Ham & Cheese Croissant though, then again it was a tough one to follow.

Jean Philippe Patisserie - nutella brioche - Las Vegas
If you are a Nutella fanatic like StalkerBoy, this Nutella Brioche is a must. Filled with the hazelnut/chocolate goodness, a bit insane!

There are some seats inside the shop, where the air is filled with butter and chocolate. While inhaling the aroma, a tv screen shows the making of all these treats. I was completely mesmerized for a good 30 minutes. If not, around the corner, there are couches by the window, overlooking the Bellagio pool, great for people watching while you enjoy your pastries.

After all this, we needed to take a long walk.


For afternoon break, we stopped by Jean Philippe at Aria, where the magnificent Chocolate Dragon is on display.
Jean Philippe Patisserie - chocolate dragon - Las Vegas
Everything is made of of chocolate and sugar. Truly wow.

Once again, I had the tough job of choosing between all of these:
(just take a moment for these beauties, no words needed here) 

Jean Philippe Patisserie - pastries 5 - Las Vegas

Jean Philippe Patisserie - pastries 4 - Las Vegas

Jean Philippe Patisserie - pastries 3 - Las Vegas

Jean Philippe Patisserie - pastries 2 - Las Vegas

Jean Philippe Patisserie - pastries 1 - Las Vegas

Jean Philippe Patisserie - trio 2 - Las Vegas
The Trio helped me decide, since it was like trying 4 in one (the base is all chocolate). Peanut butter and chocolate lollipop. Rose and raspberry macaroon. Creme brulee.
I liked the creme brulee best here. It was creamy with that sugar crust on top. The peanut butter lollipop was good but a bit heavy for me. Macaroon wise, I prefer regular ones, though the rose pedal flavors were very intense in a good way. The chocolate base was very good of course, though i wished it was dark chocolate instead.

Jean Philippe Patisserie - strawberry tart - Las Vegas
Strawberry Tart was fantastic. It was so light, flaky and buttery. Not too sweet, with just a hint of tartness from the fresh strawberries. There was a champagne like gelee and a bit of vanilla cream/custard. Topped with some pistachio sprinkles. This was the perfect treat for me. A bite that took me right back to Paris…


They also have beautiful, creative and whimsical cakes
Jean Philippe Patisserie - wedding cakes - Las Vegas

Jean Philippe Patisserie - cakes - Las Vegas


Luscious gelatos
Jean Philippe Patisserie - gelato - Las Vegas

Plenty of treats to take home. From bonbons to chocolate covered pretzels… 
Jean Philippe Patisserie - chocolates - Las Vegas


This is a “must” visit if you’re in Vegas. Even if you aren’t a big pastry person, the chocolate fountain is a pretty sweet sight. Plus, that Ham & Cheese Croissant is to die for. Indulging like this makes me tres happy!

P.S. Chubby’s Rating: chubby rating 5

Jean Philippe Patiserrie Bellagio
3600 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109 
(888) 987-6667

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Jean Philippe Patiserrie Aria

3730 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(877) 230-2742 

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