Mariebelle NY Cocoa Bar: A date with hot chocolate

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Dear Food Diary:
For the love of hot chocolate, Mariebelle NY is a chocoholics dream come true. Whether you have a long time boo or someone special in mind, the Cocoa Bar inside the retail store is one romantic spot. Get a cup of their thick and rich hot chocolate in different levels of intensity and flavors. Surely, every chocolate lover will find their favorite. One of the best in this city. Add some pretty French desserts, sit back and enjoy.

Afterwards, you can browse the charming store and take home a box or two of their fine chocolate.

Cocoa Bar by Mariebelle NY cocoa bar 2
It was hard not to stop and look at everything in this very “girly” store while heading to the back. But the instant treat of an afternoon break awaited for me inside the Cocoa Bar. Browsing is best left for after the indulgence. In a very silly way, I believed it would help “walk off” all the chocolate I would conquer.

Cocoa Bar by Mariebelle NY cocoa bar

Once inside, I couldn’t help but smile and feel swooned. The aromas of chocolate, sugar and butter danced in the air. This is how I imagine a living room in Paris would look like. Warm and inviting. Beautiful character and details. That mix of casual and elegance. Pretty, but not to the point where it isn’t functional.

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Cocoa Bar by Mariebelle NY 2

I don’t think I could ever get tired of French macarons and that colorful tower. It’s always such a pretty little treat. Their desserts looked fabulous, I wanted them all, but my sweet tooth was more sensible.

Cocoa Bar by Mariebelle NY hot chocolate

Cocoa Bar by Mariebelle NY cocoa bar - hot chocolate menu

I love how there’s a hot chocolate for everyone. Not just you’re usual milk and dark. But details in % and mixed flavors. Love!

Cocoa Bar by Mariebelle NY - panela 75% hot chocolate
I’m a dark chocolate kinda gal so their PANELA 75 CACAO LIQUOR with natural brown cane sugar cane was perfect. Super thick and rich. Just enough sugar in the ultra concentrated blend. Like sipping a warm chocolate bar. The small cup was just enough for me. Though I did get the urge to lick the petite espresso size cup. Simply divine. One of the top 3 hot chocolates in this city.

Cocoa Bar by Mariebelle NY - hot milk chocolate with hazelnut
StalkerBoy is more of a milk chocolate person. He ordered the MILK HOT CHOCOLATE WITH FRESHLY GROUND HAZELNUTS. Their large is basically a tea cup. This was just as thick and rich, but a lot sweeter. The nutty hazelnut flavor was in the background swirling. Next time I’ll ask to add some to my dark. I adore chocolate with nuts.


Cocoa Bar by Mariebelle NY - passion fruit tart
I wanted something fresh and “lighter” to go with my dark hot chocolate. Their Passion Fruit Tart was hard to pass on. The fragrance of bright passion fruit and that sweet tartness always compliment chocolate so well. Here, the custard like passion fruit cream is light and melt in your mouth. Butter all over the crumbly crust. Pops of passion fruit seeds for fun and extra punch. Marshmallows on top, another one of chocolate’s best friends. Superb.

Cocoa Bar by Mariebelle NY - chocolate lava cake
Chocolate on Chocolate you say!? Hell yeah! I would of chosen something a bit more unique, but our waiter highly recommended their Chocolate Molten Cake. Soft but not too runny. Intensely filled with dark chocolate. Warm and comforting. Classic.

I wish I could of had one bite of everything on the menu, seriously… 
After all that chocolate, it was time to wonder the shop… 

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Mariebelle NY - chocolat shop tin cans

Mariebelle NY - chocolat shop

Mariebelle NY - chocolat shop 4

Single origin chocolates in all levels of intensity, shapes, sizes and flavor combinations. It’s hard not to fall in love with it all.

Mariebelle NY - chocolat shop 3

Mariebelle NY - chocolat shop 2
Decorative tins of their signature hot chocolates are a great gift or treat to take home.

Cocoa Bar by Mariebelle NY 1
Motto to live by for every Chocoholic around… including this Chubby.


P.S. Chubby’s Rating:chubby rating 5

484 Broome Street 

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  1. Steven Zanvil Sawolkin says:

    You say “one of the top three in NYC”. PLEASE, what are the other two? Thanks, STeve

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