FRAUNCES TAVERN: George Washington’s drinking spot. Pot pie, booze and museum

FRAUNCES TAVERN: George Washington’s drinking spot. Pot pie, booze and museum

fraunces tavern - building

Dear Food Diary:
Wall Street is a total mystery to me. Without numbered streets, I get lost at every turn (even with an iPhone). Last week, it worked to my advantage as my lack of direction led me to Fraunces Tavern. Built in 1719, it’s one of the oldest buildings in NYC. A charming corner spot that was once George’s Washington’s drinking spot and where he chose to make his final farewell.

I went in to try ┬átheir pot pie (George Washington’s favorite dish) and discovered an awesome whiskey bar, several dining areas and an museum on the 2nd floor.

fraunces tavern - building inside
A historic landmark, like being transported to colonial times once the doors opened…

fraunces tavern - history - revolutionary war heritage trail
Here’s the full history of the place… pretty neat right? It’s so great that places like this are preserved in a city where every square inch is worth millions.

fraunces tavern - dining room
The ambiance is reflective of its history. It could be touristy, but I didn’t feel that way.

The waitress however almost got me running out the door. I asked her how the pot pie was and she answered “it’s chicken today“. !?!?!?!?! what?! I think they need more passionate staff, it’s almost sad to see their lack of enthusiasm.

The place itself had me intrigued, so I stayed. And since Pot Pie was George Washington’s favorite (not this recipe, just in general FYI), I gave it a try…

fraunces tavern - chicken pot pie
After 20 minutes, my $18 giant Chicken Pot Pie arrived. Smelling as divine as butter could be.

fraunces tavern - chicken pot pie 2
It was raining outside and this was my kind of chicken pot pie for my soul. Dangerously hot once I broke the flaky outer layer. Think of the best croissants, warm and delicate. Chunks of white meat chicken and veggies revealed themselves in a perfectly seasoned pool of ultra rich and creamy goodness.

fraunces tavern - chicken pot pie 3
Big enough for two. I’m not pot pie expert, but this was pretty darn tasty.

I had class later that day, so no drinks. Just ice tea… but after lunch I went around to explore…

fraunces tavern - bar

Every room had its own unique decor.

fraunces tavern - inside

fraunces tavern - whiskey bar

fraunces tavern - bar 3

fraunces tavern - bar 2
I’ll have to go back for drinks one of these days. Great selection of whiskey of course and beers. I heard good things about their happy hour.

fraunces tavern museum
The upstairs is a museum. I didn’t have time but it’s on my to do list.

Surely, this was a revolutionary find for me. A nice stumble on a grey day.

P.S. Chubby’s Rating:chubby rating 4
54 Pearl St.

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