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PAGANI: underwhelming new Italian spot


Dear Food Diary:
After a whole summer without Italian food, I was excited to read about Pagani – not that we need another Italian spot in this city – but hey, who am I to refuse fresh pasta and good marinara.

The girls and I pampered ourselves at the spa and stopped by Pagani for an early dinner. I wish I could say our tummies were pampered as well, but for the most part, it was a bland, forgettable meal.

Sorry to report another case of taste buds amnesia.

SAKAMAI: Egg on Egg on Egg


Dear Food Diary:
Right before leaving for Japan this summer, my friend J and I had a great get together over sake and Japanese style tapas at SakaMai.

Their Egg on Egg on Egg has been on my mind ever since (even after coming back from Japan). Definitely one the highlights of our meal.

FRAUNCES TAVERN: George Washington’s drinking spot. Pot pie, booze and museum

fraunces tavern - building

Dear Food Diary:
Wall Street is a total mystery to me. Without numbered streets, I get lost at every turn (even with an iPhone). Last week, it worked to my advantage as my lack of direction led me to Fraunces Tavern. Built in 1719, it’s one of the oldest buildings in NYC. A charming corner spot that was once George’s Washington’s drinking spot and where he chose to make his final farewell.

I went in to try  their pot pie (George Washington’s favorite dish) and discovered an awesome whiskey bar, several dining areas and an museum on the 2nd floor.

GALLOW GREEN Rooftop: No more $20 rsvp ticket


gallow green rooftop dining and lounge
We celebrated my friend Greg’s birthday this past Sunday at Gallow Green, it was awesome and way less crowded than the first time around. Their reservation format changed again!!! Now they have dinner reservation through Urbanspoon. For the bar, you can RSVP or call 212.564.1662.

If the malt vinegar crisps and warm pretzels we munched all night with our Punch Bowls were any indication of their food, I’d say, let’s meet for dinner!


Gallow Green _ The McKittrick Hotel_ Sleep No More

Dear Food Diary:
I saw Sleep No More  about a year ago and it blew me away. So when I heard about them opening their rooftop, I jumped on the chance of returning to The McKittrich Hotel and checking it out after Atera. That was about a month ago and the online reservation required a $20 ticket which would be taken off the total bill. However, when I checked the RESERVATION  site today, it seemed like cover is dropped but timed rsvp is still required.

If you haven’t seen this live version of The Tragedy of Macbeth: Sleep No Morewhere actors wonder through this abandoned 6 story hotel as you chase after them from scene to scene. Full of interactions, surprises and thrill, I highly, highly recommend it!!!

Experimental Cocktail Club NY: tasty drinks that are on the light side

Experimental cocktail club 2

Dear Food Diary:
Wednesday night J, C and I had our much needed girls night out at the new Paris transplant Experimental Cocktail Club in Chinatown. I was excited to read about them expanding to London and now New York. Who doesn’t need a good cocktail after a long day!?

Living in NYC, we are no strangers to these ridiculous reservation policies, so as mandated by the establishment, I emailed for a table. Prompt and friendly response for our table. They noted that even without a reservation, the bar is open to walk-ins.