Elevate Restaurant & Lounge: great bridal shower

Elevate Restaurant & Lounge: great bridal shower

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Dear Food Diary:
This city has plenty of great spaces to host parties, but finding one that won’t break your bank is a challenge. For our good friend J’s bridal shower a couple weeks ago, we chose Elevate Restaurant & Lounge in Chinatown. They offered an $18 3 course brunch + a drink, allowed us to show up early to decorate and stay for 4 hours. The bride and guests enjoyed themselves and the bridal party (me included) had a great time hosting.

Elevate is located in the basement of the Wyndham Hotel. The space is a clean slate, great for whatever theme you want to decorate. 
elevate restaurant & lounge

We had a pretty in fuchsia/pink theme. So we hung these paper decorations all over the ceiling and flowers in every table, plus our own menus.

elevate - bridal shower brunch

elevate - bridal shower brunch 4

We also had an area on the side for gifts and scrapbook signing. Which worked out really well.

elevate - bridal shower brunch 2

Here’s the bride taken back by all the memories… friendships and laughter…

elevate - bridal shower brunch drinks

Mimosas, bellinis, coffee and tea flowed as chit chat filled the room.


Now to the food:
$18 for 3 course brunch + a drink (Because of a reservation mess up, they offered us extra drinks and dessert)

To start, there’s a choice of a basic soup or salad.

elevate - house smoked salmon brioche
House Smoked Salmon Brioche
It’s just a very cute presentation. Crunchy bread, creamy and smokey. No complains.
elevate - crunchy mini crab
YES! the crab is edible. If you go to a chinese or japanese grocery store, you might be able to find similar ones packaged as snack. By far the most wow factor and one of the best bites of our meal.


elevate - sashimi nachos
Sashimi Nachos
Basically salsa with raw fish. The odd combination definitely wasn’t a hit. Though the kids loved the chips.


elevate - roll combo
Roll Combo
These were quite basic. I wouldn’t really order them unless that’s the only thing you can eat. But then again, I can be a sushi snob sometimes and cringe at the sight of california rolls (don’t get me started).


elevate - steak and eggs
Steak & Eggs
Skirt steak was good with the red wine glace. I asked for mine medium rare. The first time I went, for the complimentary tasting, it was cooked better since they only did my portion. This time around, being a large group, it seemed a bit more sloppy.  


elevate - mushroom croque monsieur
Mushroom Croque Monsieur
Cheesy, nice crust with a nice roasted oyster mushroom. The fries stole the show though.


elevate - kobe beef slider
Kobe Beef Slider
The brioche, teriyakinaise, caramelized onions and pickled shitake mushrooms were great but the beef was a bit dry. Again, the fries were extra crispy and really good.


elevate - dessert
You can order dessert as an extra. For my tasting, I tried the black sesame and chocolate cake and their yogurt panna cotta with honey. The panna cotta was a thicker more dense version. Think greek yogurt but firmer.


The bridal shower was a success and though the food didn’t blow anyone away, the price really justified it. Everyone seemed happy. For the use of the space, food, drinks and the amount of time we were allowed I’m not sure I could of found anything better in the city. Service was nice and friendly.

Though I won’t be returning for any meals in particular, I’d consider hosting there again. It’s great for any sort of gathering and parties, specially if you’re on a budget. Next to us that day was a baby shower.

P.S. I just recommended it to a friend and it seems like the manager I had contacts with is no longer there, so I’m not sure how the new management is.

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