SALUMERIA ROSI: Tuscan Toast takes over French Toast

salumeria rosi

Dear Food Diary:
French toast and brunch seem to go hand in hand. Before Salumeria Rosi, I always had that Vanilla Brioche French Toast as my favorite sweet treat for brunch. But the moment I tasted Salumeria Rosi’s Tuscan Toast I was immediately weaned off  french toast forever.

The rest of the menu here is pretty sweet too. Tuscan dishes served tapas style. An impressive array of cured meats and fresh bread.

There’s a reason why I chose to take their food to Diner en Blanc 2012 (one of the most magical nights I had in NYC), their flavors never disappoint, whether in store or take out.

 Ok, so without further chatter, here’s that Tuscan Toast

salumeria rosi - tuscan toast
Crisp caramelized exterior. I love all those burnt edges! The center is puffy and melt in your mouth buttery. It’s an euphoric bite all together.

salumeria rosi - tuscan toast 2
The fresh berries, sauce and whipped cream are great compliments of sweet and tart. But honestly, I would eat it alone as well.


Ok, now to the rest…

salumeria rosi - bread
You know I love simple details. The rosemary didn’t make my napkin any different but visually it was a treat. Their bread basket with e.v.o.o. is always so tempting. Can’t just have one slice. Plus if you order a variety of cured meats, that’s a meal all in itself.

salumeria rosi - lattesalumeria rosi - bloody mary and bellini

Whether is a mimosa, bloody mary or a creamy latte, weekends always start off the right way here…

salumeria rosi - meatball and polenta
Some days, they have meatballs over polenta as a special. This is like a warm hug from your granny. Ohhh so smooth, creamy and cheesy. The meatball is super moist and the sauce has just the right amount of acidity.

salumeria rosi - cured meats
You can’t really go wrong with their charcuterie. Best to order a bunch and pick your favorite. Think porchetta, prosciutto, speck, lardo, pancetta and more… I like them all, seriously, I can’t really choose. I’m a chubby carnivore, what can I say.

salumeria rosi - ribs
Spicy Tuscan spare ribs, slow cooked with Italian tomatoes, rosemary and garlic. Very tender and juicy.

salumeria rosi - brussel sprouts
Brussel Sprouts with Pancetta
Nicely chard and tender. There’s pancetta!!! need I say more? though, it’s not as unique as the other dishes, I don’t mind ordering it as a side. I’d rather have their tripe, totally different I know.

salumeria rosi - crostini
This Vegetable Crostini was complimentary, they made a mistake with the order. Yeah, I really wouldn’t have ordered it, even when I do order salad, it has to have some sort of meat in it. But the toasted Tuscan bread with all the sweet seasonal veggies was actually quite good. Like a summer garden on top.

For the other dishes, like tripe, pork belly and their salad, check here.

I really never had a bad meal here. And when I bring friends, they always seem to enjoy it. Brunch isn’t as crowded as dinner, which is great. Service is always very friendly and attentive. One of my favorite spots in the city, specially the UWS.

Based on their solid food, I can see why they have an Upper West Side and Upper East Side location, along with Paris and Parma.

P.S. Chubby’s Rating:
chubby rating 4.5
283 Amsterdam Ave.

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