[TOKYO] Akihabara & Ramen

Akihabara Station, tokyo

Dear Food Diary:
Konnichiwa! After almost 14 hrs non-stop on Delta, another hour on the limo bus to Tokyo and a 15min subway ride, StalkerBoy and I were finally reunited.

Drizzling and gloomy, we walked around his hotel (my new home for the next 50 days) and found a small ramen shop across from the Akihabara Station. No English sign, the Chinese characters I managed to grasp indicated pork bone broth and soy sauce. Yes, please.

It hit the spot…

ramen shop by Akihabara Station 3
The name says “Tae” something, this Chubby’s Chinese is somewhat limited. I tried to look up the place online, but was unsuccessful. A tiny little unassuming spot on a pedestrian alley like street. Vending machine style ordering (thank goodness for pictures), you find a seat and wait for your bowl of soupy goodness. Small bowl for about $8 and large for $12

ramen shop by Akihabara Station 4
I always enjoy counter, where the action takes place. Though limited space, there’s also seating upstairs.

ramen shop by Akihabara Station 2
Rich fatty pork broth, with the usual toppings of pork, soy eggs (look at that bright sexy yolk!), seaweed, black ear wood mushrooms and scallions. Flavorful but on the salty side, which seems to be my common complaint about ramen in general. Good nonetheless.

ramen shop by Akihabara Station
What really stood out were their noodle. StalkerBoy and I never had any this thick and chunky. Like the sumo of all ramen noodles. Super springy, bouncy and perfectly al dente. It’s was obvious, the noodle is their star. The salty broth coated each strip nicely, giving them enough flavor but allowing them to shine. Though a spoonful with all the ingredients was my preferred way to slurp down.

Like I said, it really hit the spot. And the noodles were just so good. Since it’s close by, I’m sure we will be back.

P.S. Chubby’s Rating: chubby rating 3.5
                                                    (over all, but the noodles alone were a 5)
After dinner we took a short walk around my new “neighborhood” Akihabara.

Akihabara at night, tokyo

There’s a Gyu Kaku and Beard Papa around but Akihabara is best known for it’s electronic town, manga stores and apparently Maid Cafe!?

Akihabara Maid Cafe
Girls dressed as cute under aged French maids. Yup, that’s the whole concept. I guess it’s like the Hooters of Tokyo?! As we passed by them on the street, their high pitched voices were like cartoon character, quite unnatural. At the Cafe you can pay extra to engage in conversation with the gals. Fascinating.

So, this is what guys here fantasize? I don’t get it, but hey, what do I know… I am however mildly curious, ok, more than mildly. Maybe I’ll convince StakerBoy and his coworkers to go with me one day. Assuming girls are allowed.

Excited as ever to be here. O yasumi nasai.

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  1. softrice says:

    I’m surprised StalkerBoy isn’t the one suggesting the Maid Cafe to you!

  2. That’s a fun neighbhorhood! We always go there if I’m with Bryan. You should check out Kappabashi which isn’t too far from Akiba. There’s tons of kitchen supplies and fake sushi. 🙂

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