[TOKYO] Tsukiji Fish Market with Chef Yasuda

[TOKYO] Tsukiji Fish Market with Chef Yasuda

Tsukiji Fish Market with Sushi Chef Yasuda
Dear Food Diary:
Last night we had a wonderful meal at Sushi Bar Yasuda. During which, I asked Yasuda-san about his trips to the Tsukiji Fish Market. Instead of explaining, he invited us to come along! Of course we said hai! Super excited, how awesome is that!?

We met him around 9 am right at the entrance of the market, in front of the Namiyoke shrine. And off shopping we went.

Check out the video below…

FIRST OF ALL, I’d like to apologize for butchering the name of the fish market! I didn’t realize it until I watched the video. On a brighter note, I’ve learned to pronounce it properly.

Secondly, I know my video editing skills need a lot of work, it’s not easy and if I told you how many hours it took me to edit this down to 1/2 the original length, you’d laugh, but I’m slowly getting more comfortable. Also, StalkerBoy isn’t satisfied with his skills, but he’s trying to be a better camera man. So bear with us.

Other than that… please enjoy:

Domo Arigato to Chef Yasuda Naomichi for inviting us to tag along. We had such a fun morning at the market.

Hope you guys have fun watching too!