TREEHAUS: Best Steam Table for my last lunch in Midtown East

treehaus steam table - bone marrow and shark

Dear Food Diary:
Today is my last day as Senior Art Director at this agency. After 10+ years in Midtown East, I’ve had my share of wonderful lunches. We don’t have much retail but we make up for it in good food, specially Japanese!

For my last lunch, I wanted to visit Treehaus and their kick ass steam table one last time. The best addition to the area in the last couple years. We really needed this. No korean deli can compare to the quality and selection. Where else would I get Bone Marrow for lunch? or Shark? or Fried Frog legs and oysters? Grilled octopus? Skate?  I will surely miss it.

Oh! And the Dough and latte

treehaus steam table
Everything always looks so fresh. The staff actually cares and are excited about what they serve. I’ve had some pretty fun convos with a few of them.

treehaus take out food 3
This is what my last lunch looked like today. Marrow on rice. Steak. Fried oysters. Brussel sprouts with tons of pancetta. Sweet plantains. Tilapia with pineapple salsa. Excellent as always.


I’ve been there countless times since they’ve opened… here were some of my favorite things or “my usual”

treehaus take out food

Skate wings with butter and capers, love that. Swiss chard. And that tender octopus!

treehaus take out food 2

If this is where Midtown Lunches are headed, the future looks yummy…

As of now, I will be saying “Sayonara” (more details to come).

Happy Eating Midtown East Lunchers!!! 

P.S. Chubby’s Rating:
chubby rating 5
830 3rd Ave

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6 Responses to TREEHAUS: Best Steam Table for my last lunch in Midtown East

  1. esther says:

    My friend is the exec chef who cooks all that delicious food. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed his creations!

    Good luck to you on the next chapter – may it be delicious!! 🙂

  2. softrice says:

    Too bad it’s as expensive as it is yummy! Which neighborhood are you going next?

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