[TOKYO] Perchoir Mochi Mont Blanc & Tokyo Imperial Palace

perchoir mochi mont blanc 3

Dear Food Diary:
Commuting through Tokyo station to meet our friends from Singapore, these colorful desserts caught my eye.

Perchoir Mochi Mont Blanc, a hybrid of traditional Asian mochi and French mont blanc. With a twist of flavors.

I’ve never had anything like them texture wise. And like a really good first date, I still can’t stop thinking about them.


perchoir mochi mont blanc

perchoir mochi mont blanc 2
The original chestnut puree (brown color).  And the rest have flavors and colors added to the puree, like sweet potatoe, purple potato aka taro, strawberry, pumpkin and green tea.

perchoir cafe - tokyo station

There’s a cute cafe attached to the counter/shop. Very girly and pretty. Afternoon coffee while sampling 6 flavors before hopping on the train was our idea of a random treat. BUT to our surprise, dine-in only served the original chestnut flavor. All the others are for take out only! Does that even make sense?

We left and brought a box of 6 to share with friends instead. Thankfully their hotel wasn’t too far away, these had to be consumed within 20 minutes.

The shape and pretty colors were adored by our friend’s 4 year old T. She divided them amongst us (based on her color preference) and chowed down two by herself, definitely tiny thumbs up from her. Her smile and creamy mess all over her face was as sweet as the dessert at hand.

I caught myself licking my fingers too.


perchoir mochi mont blanc anatomy
There’s a very zen like composition. The lines of chestnut puree, sweet and subtle, with that unique nutty fragrance. The mochi is soft and chewy, with a super creamy filling that’s almost cheesy/ice cream like. Plus, a layer of moist cake on the bottom. It’s a bite out of a storybook. All the dessert textures I love in one bite. Like a French kiss in Tokyo. 

P.S. Chubby’s Rating: chubby rating 5
Tokyo Station


Afterwards, we took a stroll around Tokyo Imperial Palace.

tokyo Imperial Palace

Tokyo Imperial Palance
Beautiful and so peaceful. It was a bit humid, but a very nice walk nonetheless. A must visit if you’re in Tokyo.


Our friends stayed with us for a night so back to Akihabara we went with luggages at hand.

Dinner was hard to plan with 4 adults and 2 small kids. A lot of the places we enjoy are not child friendly or way to small. Times like these, I’m glad we have Akibaichi near by. Sushi at Tsujiki Sushigen Headquarters.

Tsukiji SUSHIGEN  Headquarters - udx-akibaichi 3

Tsukiji SUSHIGEN  Headquarters - udx-akibaichi 2
The seafood selection was fresh and inexpensive. This massive boat was only $36. Not bad.

Tsukiji SUSHIGEN  Headquarters - udx-akibaichi
Though the preparation doesn’t deserve a full write up. The food was honest and it did the job. This set was about $13. Basic and uninspiring.

Maybe sitting at the counter might of offered a different experience, but something tells me, we’ve gotten spoiled by eating higher end sushi and things just won’t be the same from now on…

P.S. Chubby’s Rating: chubby rating 2.5

Right around the Akihabara Station.

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