[TOKYO] Conveyor Belt Sushi (my first time)

Conveyor Belt Sushi 3

Dear Food Diary:
Stalkerboy’s coworkers came to town and since we didn’t know how comfortable everyone was sushi wise, the nearby conveyor belt sushi seemed perfect.

I’ve never been to one and found myself rather excited. Plates upon plates of raw fish and other goodies going round and round. There was also a screen to order a la carte. From unique choices to more familiar bites like tuna and salmon.

Conveyor Belt Sushi 2

Conveyor Belt Sushi

Conveyor Belt Sushi 4
To my surprise, there was a screen to order a la carte, which we all did. The prices went from about $1.20 to $6. The orders come in duos or more. Very affordable.

A few more unusual offerings (at least to me)…

Conveyor Belt Sushi - Spear Squid Figure
Spear Squid Figure  was very chewy and squishy. It was too much for one mouth full.

Conveyor Belt Sushi - sea tangle with herring roe
Sea Tangle with Herring Roe looked really interesting, hundreds of little clear eggs glued to each other. I was excited but one bite and a sour face later, I realized the salty, oily and vinegar combo was just not my thing. Too fishy for my taste. I couldn’t finish it.

Conveyor Belt Sushi - uni on squid
Squid and Uni. Separately, they are my favorites, but I’ve never had it all in one nigiri. And it was quite sweet, literally.

Conveyor Belt Sushi - ark shell
Ark Shell aka ark clam has a nice sweet snap to it. I’m a big fan of clam’s unique texture and this was great.

Conveyor Belt Sushi - albacore
I think this was Albacore but I’m not sure. I remember it being very fatty with a faint petroleum after taste. I would skip it next time.

Conveyor Belt Sushi - tuna
Pregnant with a Tuna. We were intrigued but when it finally arrived… I guess it was lost in translation? Not sure how this is pregnant? It was just tuna.

Then the more familiar things came on the belt… 

Conveyor Belt Sushi - shrimp
Sweet Shrimp

Conveyor Belt Sushi - grilled salmon with mayo
Broiled Salmon and Mayo

Conveyor Belt Sushi - tuna and scallions
Tuna and Scallion

Conveyor Belt Sushi - tuna sampler
Tuna Trio (fatty level)

Conveyor Belt Sushi - tuna duo
Broiled Tuna

Conveyor Belt Sushi - eel

Conveyor Belt Sushi - salmon and mayo
We repeated the Broiled Salmon, it’s a perfect combo with mayo. Moist and creamy.

Conveyor Belt Sushi 5
Self serve tea and a tower of plates later, I was ready for dessert.

Conveyor Belt Sushi - warabimoti
Warabimochi is one of my favorite desserts. Though the version here really wasn’t worth writing about, the jelly and mochi’s chewy consistency still aided my sweet tooth. Sweet syrup and a nutty soybean flour dust.


Overall, it was a fun meal. Though not amazing, it was definitely a memorable first time. Inexpensive option and the quality was still above a regular sushi joint in NYC. This is on my cheap eats Tokyo list.

According to StalkerBoy this was better than the other conveyor belt sushi spots he’s been to for lunch.

P.S. Chubby’s Rating:chubby rating 3

Conveyor Belt Sushi Tokyo
I couldn’t find a website for an address in English

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  1. softrice says:

    The tuna might make you pregnant! 😉

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