[TOKYO] Mentaiko Pasta (Spicy Cod Roe) & Kite Museum

Pronto Cafe & Bar

Dear Food Diary:
For my first couple days, I had StalkerBoy aka guide. Today was my first day exploring the city on my own. The last time I was here, I basically followed my friend C and her guidebook everywhere. But Google Maps really is a lifesaver.

Because I’ve seen most of the sights in Tokyo, I’m leaving them to revisit with StalkerBoy on weekends. So aside from shopping and eating on my own, I’m planning to explore the less visited spots. Case in point, the Kite Museum.

It was lunch time when I got out the subway, the colorful photo of Mentaiko Pasta (Spicy Cod Roe) lured me into Pronto Caffe & Bar. They are all over town and I saw a lot of local office workers go in, so I followed…

Mentaiko Pasta Recipe - Spicy Cod Roe Pasta at Pronto
Mentaiko Pasta (Spicy Cod Roe)
Looked pretty promising ($9). But really felt short. It wasn’t like the creamy version I have fallen in love with at Sake Bar Hagi. Instead, it’s watery. The pasta was a bit over cooked, no bite to it at all. I had a couple bites, ate the all the roe, seaweed and shiso strips. And left very disappointed.

My tummy was full but very dissatisfied, I hate it when that happens!

At least the Kite Museum was a treat for my eyes…

Kite Museum - Tokyo
Entry fee was only $2.50. I read that the museum is small, but I didn’t know how small. 3000 kites cramped in what looks like a NYC apartment. Small but compact.  A cute little place to check out if you are a kite fanatic or have extra time.

Kite Museum 6 - Tokyo

Kite Museum 5 - Tokyo

Kite Museum 4 - Tokyo

Kite Museum 3 - Tokyo

Kite Museum 2 - Tokyo

StalkerBoy had dinner with clients, so I was on my own. After walking around all day, I got tired and hungry around 4:30pm. Not a lot of places were open except their version of “fast food”, vending machine joints, so I stopped by C & C curry near the Akihabara Station on my way home.

C & C curry - Akihabara Station
Nothing to write about, basic and filled me up.  Japanese curry is a little on the sweeter side, the pork cutlet was ok, crispy. Not amazing but at $7 it was still better than the mentaiko pasta I had for lunch.

I’ve never really been a solo traveler, so eating lavish meals on my own is something I’ll have to learn and get use to…

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  1. softrice says:

    Why don’t you do day trips to other cities from Tokyo to see sights you haven’t seen yet or are those weekend trips as well? 😛

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