[TOKYO] Panda Donuts from Siretoco

Dear Food Diary:
New York is all crazy about Cronuts, in Tokyo however, they’ve gone wild with these cute Panda Donuts from Siretoco Donuts.

I went in search of them in the rain. Sold right by the Ueno Zoo station, where there’s Panda everything! They come in a variety of flavors and are definitely too cute to eat, but I still managed to sink my teeth into their moist fluffiness.

Panda Donuts - Siretoco Donuts at Ueno Station
Inside the Ecute, at the JR Ueno Station, even though there’s Panda baked goods all over, these are the cutest in my book. Least expected idea.

Panda Donuts from Siretoco Donuts at Ueno Station 2
Seeing rows upon rows, all stacked up, I couldn’t help but smile and cheer “kawaii“!!! The sales girls must of thought I was nuts.

Panda Donuts 3 flavors from Siretoco Donuts at Ueno Station
I got these 3. Most looking forward to hokkaido milk, but the shireteco salt caramel turned out to be the best. Really moist and fluffy. The buttery milky flavor was brought out by the salt. So good. And though, it really wasn’t an actual doughnut, more like a really good pound cake, I still fell in love. Look at them, how could you resist.

Panda Donuts - chocolate flavor from Siretoco Donuts at Ueno Station
The chocolate wasn’t as moist as salt caramel, but StalkerBoy totally enjoyed the chocolate chips. I thought the color contrast made it extra cute.

Panda Donuts - hokkaido milk flavor from Siretoco Donuts at Ueno Station
The hokkaido milk tasted quite plain and not as moist. My least favorite of the 3.

Panda Donuts - shiretoco salt caramel flavor from Siretoco Donuts at Ueno Station
Winner! Sweet, hint of salt, total buttery airy bites.


The following are just because photos, too cute to edit out. I know, I sound like an obsessed person… but, can you blame me?

Panda Donuts from Siretoco Dunuts at Ueno Station 3

Panda Donuts from Siretoco Donuts at Ueno Station 4

.S. Chubby’s Rating: chubby rating 4

Siretoco Donuts
Ecute, 3F 
JR Ueno Station, 7-1-1 Ueno
Taito-ku, Tokyo

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  1. Adel Kay says:

    dear shubby sweet,

    can you tell me the complete recipe for jian bing (chinese breakfast). i need to know the preparation of the batter for Jian Bing.

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