[TOKYO] Origami Museum & Broiled Mackerel Lunch

origami museum tokyo 5
This was my favorite piece at the Origami Museum, my photo doesn’t do it justice.

Dear Food Diary:
Tokyo Origami Museum is such a treat, specially since it’s free! A whole building dedicated to all things origami. Exhibit, shop, origami paper making and classes.

After all the colorful and intricate “art”, my tummy was growling (a phenomenon that seems to happen repeatedly throughout my day).

Across the street I saw a local basement spot. I saw some photos and venture down, to my surprise, no English nor visual menu once seated. Thankfully we all played charades and I got a fantastic broiled mackerel lunch set.

Wandering around the museum:

Feast for the eyes…

origami museum tokyo 2

Love all the patterns and colors.

origami museum tokyo 3


origami museum tokyo
Watching him make a batch of Sunflower Origami Paper. So fun.

1-7-14 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (Origami Kaikan) 113-0034


Lunch time… 

lunch by origami museum 2

From the little Chinese characters I could make out, it said “seasonal cuisine” and something about booze and fish. The photos looked good, specially that squid dish. So down the basement I went.

basement restaurant - local lunch by origami museum
I was greeted at the door . Passed by the tatami and took a counter seat.

lunch by origami museum
Imagine my shock, when the photos I saw were all part of their dinner menu. Lunch menu was all written in Japanese. Thankfully I could read 1/2, since they were Chinese characters. And everyone were very helpful. I think they were also amused that I showed up even without any Nihon-go (Japanese). Specially since everyone around me seemed to be dudes. Where are all the chicks?

I ordered broiled mackerel instead of salmon and watch the trio go to work. I think they were a family.

local lunch by origami museum
I watched set after set leave the kitchen. Sashimi over rice, stir fried veggies and tofu stew.

local lunch by origami museum 2
My set was only $8. Standard lunch meal.

broiled mackerel - local lunch by origami museum 2
The fish was fantastic. Oily flesh. Salty and perfectly crispy skin. Simple yet so good.

Their night menu looks pretty good, hopefully I’l be able to stop by one of these nights with StalkerBoy.


P.S. Chubby’s Rating:chubby rating 4
Addy wise, you will have to check the photos of their front door. It’s on the same side of the street one block down from the Origami musseum.

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