[TOKYO] Kitchen Tachikichi: Aged Japanese Beef, Anchovy Fries & The Best Pork Fat I’ve Had In My Life

kitchen tachikichi

Dear Food Diary:
StalkerBoy’s coworker stumbled upon Kitchen Tachikichi by accident right before I came to Tokyo. Since then, they’ve become “regulars” in a short period of time. Raving about the juicy aged Japanese beef and the best pork fat. While taunting me with mouthwatering photos via Facetime.

We made plans to go the minute I landed. On our date night at Roppongi Hills, I finally had a bite…and…ohhh! The boys were right, that pork fat was the best I’ve had in my life.

…and I still dream about their anchovy fries…

kitchen tachikichi 2

Rustic and casual. The vibe is very friendly and the price is moderate.

kitchen tachikichi 7

kitchen tachikichi 6

We got to sit at the bar, where the open kitchen shows all the action. Very well organized and clean. For large parties, they have tables upstairs.

kitchen tachikichi 5
Being in Japan, we had try local wine. The Vintage Collection Rouge Cuvee “Yuka” 2004 (about $68) was smooth, rich and fruity.

kitchen tachikichi - hot dinner roll
The dinner rolls were so fresh and hot, not warm, but seriously steaming hot. Buttery and soft.

kitchen tachikichi 3

kitchen tachikichi - Yonezawa Pork Loin from Yamagota- aged more than 40 days - 4
We watched as the various pieces of meat went from the grill to oven and then to rest. All in all, it took about 40 minutes for the aged beef or pork to arrive. Which meant a few appetizers were needed to keep our palates entertained.


kitchen tachikichi - fresh vegetables with miso mayo
They proudly serve fresh organic vegetables. This was a seasonal garden on a plate. Sweet and enhanced by the creamy miso mayo. Though the tomato was so sweet and ripe, a dash of salt was more than sufficient. Simple, but perfect.

kitchen tachikichi - crunchy anchovy fried potato
Who knew I would find one of the best fries in Japan! Crunchy Anchovy Frieskitchen tachikichi - crunchy anchovy fried potato 3
Each strip was perfectly fried. Crunchy on the outside, soft and warm inside. The best part was how every inch was uniformly covered with that savory anchovy and aromatic garlic mixture. Totally unique. Finger licken’ good. Served in newspaper, this was basically fish & chips on steroids. I know it’s cliche to say it was so “addictive”, but holy moly… I don’t know how else to describe it. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna miss it when I’m back in NYC.


After 40 minutes…

kitchen tachikichi - rump beef and pork loin
The meat was ordered by increments of 100g (3.5oz). This was 200g of beef and 100g of pork.

kitchen tachikichi - Yonezawa Pork Loin from Yamagota- aged more than 40 days - 2
Yonezawa Pork LOIN from Yamagata. Aged for more than 40 days. (About $12 per 3.5oz)

kitchen tachikichi - Yonezawa Pork Loin from Yamagota- aged more than 40 days - 3
If this isn’t sexy food porn I don’t know what is. I thought I knew my pork fat until I had a tasted of this…kitchen tachikichi - Yonezawa Pork Loin from Yamagota- aged more than 40 days
The texture is not melt in your mouth, soft and fatty. No, instead, you get this provocative resistance. Almost like a “crunch” with a chewy skin. If you ever had dried winter melon, you would be able to imagine the texture better.

It doesn’t feel as oily, but delicately fatty and alluring. Even without the crunchy skin, this was out of this world. With a little bit of umami from the soy dip, a perfectly balanced bite of tender lean meat and fat.

Seriously, I repeat “The best pork fat I’ve had in my life”.


kitchen tachikichi - Akahgi beef from Yamagata - Rump - Aged more than 80 days -2
Akahgi Beef from Yomagata. Aged for more than 80 days. (About $19 per 3.5oz)

From the few cuts offered, StalkerBoy recommended the Rump over Round Tip, Tip Round and Brisket. He’s done a tasting of the whole menu by now.

kitchen tachikichi - Akahgi beef from Yamagata - Rump - Aged more than 80 days
Medium rare. The beef is juicy and tender. Sprinkle some salt flakes and a dab of wasabi for a brightened sweetness.

I’d have to say I’ve had better beef, after all, I did grow up in the land of beef. But it was still really good and outstanding quality. Just not as breathtaking as that pork.

kitchen tachikichi - Akahgi beef from Yamagata - Ribeye - Aged more than 80 days
If you’re there on the right night, the special might have a cut that’s close to the rib. I forgot the name but it was really fantastic. Juicy and perfectly marbled. The bite had a burst filled with concentrated beef flavor and fat. Two thumbs up.

kitchen tachikichi - miso soup
To end the meal, miso soup with petite clams are served to warm the tummy.

kitchen tachikichi 4
Overall, it was an excellent meal from beginning to end. The friendly chef and staff have workable English, which always makes the dining experience more enjoyable.

Kitchen Tachikichi is a place where you don’t have to spend a fortune (which is quite easy in Tokyo) to have quality and memorable food.

P.S. Chubby’s Rating:chubby rating 4.5

kitchen tachikichi - map and location
I couldn’t find the addy in English, but it’s at Roppongi. The card and map should help you find it.