[TOKYO] Old time Wagashi by the Kanda Shrine

Wagashi - Tea Shop at Kanda Shrine

Dear Food Diary:
Walking back from the Origami Museum, I stumbled upon Kanda Shrine, which dates back 1,270 years and happens to be located in one of the most expensive real estate areas in Tokyo (so I read).

Right outside the shrine, an old time wagashi shop welcomed me in with traditional sweets and tea. With a lovely garden view. Time stood still as the wind chimes played summer melodies… I couldn’t help but wonder if this was just like the good old days.

Wagashi - Tea Shop at Kanda Shrine 5

The shop is small but filled with a ton of character. Every inch is decorated with old time memorabilia. Fans, dolls, lamps and countless more.

Wagashi - Tea Shop at Kanda Shrine 6

Wagashi - Tea Shop at Kanda Shrine 2

I grabbed a seat right by the glass door, where the beautiful view of a tiny but charming garden kept me company.

Wagashi - Tea Shop at Kanda Shrine 3

The sweet old lady didn’t speak any English, but she looked real hard and finally dug out an English menu, bless her.

Wagashi is a traditional Japanese sweet, served with tea. They are usually made from a plant based ingredient. Most common types are mochi, azuki bean paste (red bean paste) and fruits.

Wagashi - Tea Shop at Kanda Shrine 4

A cold cup of iced roasted tea and fans to cool myself as I waited for my Wagashi.

Wagashi - Tea Shop at Kanda Shrine - sweets and tea

Kuzu mochi is made with the kudzu plant and rice. Unlike the usual soft chewy mochi however, this had a thicker jello like consistency. Served cold, the pieces didn’t really have much flavor, except a faint herbal aroma.

Wagashi - kuzu mochi- Tea Shop at Kanda Shrine
Topped with kuromitsu aka Japanese sugar syrup, think molasses but a bit less sticky and thinner. And kinako or roasted soy bean flour, a nutty powder that melts in your mouth. I love that dusted on mochi.

Texture wise, I prefer the softer and chewier mochi, but this was pretty good as well. In Shanghai, we have a similar version, but it’s served with soy sauce and sesame oil.

The atmosphere of this place really made it an perfect afternoon escape from the hustle and bustle of this city and Akihabara.

P.S. Chubby’s Rating:chubby rating 4

I couldn’t find the name or address, but if you go to Kanda it’s on the left side, before you walk in towards the shrine. Located next to a souvenir shop.



The sights of Kanda Shrine:

Kanda Shrine Tokyo 3

Kanda Shrine Tokyo

Kanda Shrine Tokyo 2

Kanda Shrine Tokyo 4

Kanda Shrine Tokyo 5

Kanda Shrine Tokyo - wish plaques - wooden

Being that we are near Akihabara, of course the manga had to be everywhere. So talented!

Kanda Shrine Tokyo - miniature toys

Kanda Shrine Tokyo - souveniers, socks, lucky cats

I went home with some cute socks. Great little souvenirs around the shrine.

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  1. softrice says:

    I like the guardian lions hanging out on the pillars. 🙂

  2. wagashi hunt says:

    Hello, could you tell us how much did you spent at IMASA cafe for both item?
    Thank you

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