[TOKYO] Tsujida in Awajicho: Best miso ramen

つじ田 Tsujida in Awajicho - Tokyo's best miso ramen

Dear Food Diary:
Ramen shops in Tokyo are like Starbucks in NYC, you will easily find one within a block or two.

With different varieties and each shop with their unique/secret “broth” vs “noodle” + topping concoctions, it’s hard to really choose one over another. But from the miso ramen we’ve tasted thus far, Tsujida in Awajicho cooks up one of Tokyo’s best miso ramen, at least in my book.

Tsujida in Awajicho つじ田 - one of Tokyo's best miso ramen
Like most ramen shops, you buy your ticket at the vending machine, hand it to the ramen dudes behind the counter, sit at the bar and wait for your soupy goodness to arrive while watching them do their ‘thang. Some shout and keep you entertained. I’m always totally mesmerized by the process.

つじ田 Tsujida in Awajicho - Tokyo's best miso ramen - condiments
Different shops have distinct “toppings” and condiments. As a novice, I usually try it as it and add things along the way. Trial by taste.

Here, their green nori seaweed flakes/powder and that bright sesame citrus shake works well with their heavy broth.

Tsujida in Awajicho つじ田 - one of Tokyo's best miso ramen bowl
I got their signature bowl with all the essentials – fatty pork, runny eggs, soy braised bamboo and onions.
Perfectly balanced umami, just the right amount of saltiness and sweet finish. Yes, I’m not complaining about the sodium level as I do with a lot of ramen places.

Warm and hearty. The fatty pork, melted in my mouth, love that feeling. Crunchy textures of onion and fragrant bamboo join the mix. A deep luscious pork broth filled with so much flavor and thick enough, worthy to be called “gravy” or some sort of dreamy soupy fantasy. Hints of ginger and garlic are also present and so welcomed.

Tsujida in Awajicho つじ田 - one of Tokyo's best miso ramen - bouncy noodles
The yellow noodle is springy and bouncy. Every component compliments each other making it a better bowl of ramen than the other guys. Adding the nori and citrus/sesame shake brought out new layers of flavor. Bright, sweet and even more fragrant. It’s fun to play around and change it up between bites.

Tsujida in Awajicho つじ田 - one of Tokyo's best miso ramen spicy bowl
StalkerBoy got almost the same bowl only his had a dollop of chili paste. Pretty fiery, too much for me, but if you love heat, this would be it.

I can’t say I know all the miso ramen shops in Tokyo, with the amount of shops around I’m not sure anyone can, but this was definitely a memorable bowl that stood out amongst the rest for me. I can’t wait to go back for another slurp.

P.S. Chubby’s Rating:chubby rating 5
Kanda Ogawamachi 1-1 

No website. Open 11am-11pm daily (9pm Sunday)


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