JACOB’S PICKLE: Total calorie splurge. Well worth it.

JACOB’S PICKLE: Total calorie splurge. Well worth it.

jacob's pickle

Dear Food Diary:
After running a 5k charity run, the girls and I splurged our hard earned calories at Jacob’s Pickle. And boy, ohhh boy, it was deliciously spent.

Chill vibe, rustic setting, great food and prices on the Upper West Side. Comfort food at its best plus a variety of pickles.

I can’t wait to go back.

jacob's pickle - coffee

jacob's pickle - drinks
Coffee was a must that early in the morning, but so was a good drink. We deserved it. Flavors like rosemary and citrus awakened our palates.

jacob's pickle - pickle selection
Hot and sour dukes, sweet & spicy carrots, sour green tomatoes and candy red beets. 
They were all really nicely balanced and good but the tomatoes really stood out, maybe because it’s not usually found on menus. The juicy sour and sweet balance was so refreshing. The beets were also superb. Sweet and good for you. The tartness of them all definitely opened up my appetite (not that I needed any help).


Now to the real deal.

jacob's pickle - mushroom gravy smoothered chicken
Mushroom Gravy Smothered Chicken
Ohhh yeah! I was going all the way. Crunchy exterior and a moist centered fried chicken covered in this savory mushroom gravy. Creamy and seasoned with extra sharp aged vermont cheddar. Side of perfectly cheesy grits with bacon bits, enough said. This is the poster for comfort on a plate.

The portion was huge, oh, not to mention that buttery biscuit ! My friend S took half home, I actually finished it all (proud of it).

jacob's pickle - mushroom gravy smoothered chicken 2
Yes, this picture is only here to tease. No words are needed… just drool away as I am right now… 


jacob's pickle - fried chicken and pancakes
Chicken & Pancakes
Fluffy buttermilk pancakes, with golden strips of fried chicken, crispy Niman Ranch bacon – a lot of if. And homemade syrup to top it off. Sweet and savory bites of “I love stretchy pants and I don’t care” kind of good. J devoured hers like a true ChubbyBuddy.


jacob's pickle - the coop platter
It was Saturday brunch and I think J got this sausage, eggs and bacon plate. I can’t remember well. But have you seen my plate of finger lickin’ goodness smothered unapologetically in mushroom gravy? (Go back to the above photos).

Now that winter is nearing and big coats are in, it’s time to go back and splurge like there’s no tomorrow. Everyone needs comfort every now and then.

P.S. Chubby’s Rating:chubby rating 4
509 Amsterdam Ave

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