Fatta Cuckoo: Fried chicken with a sweet touch

fatta cuckoo

Dear Food Diary:
I’ve never met anyone who didn’t absolutely love fried chicken. Yes, there are a few health nuts who takes the skin off and swear by the evidence of flavor even so (whatever *rolling eyes*). Anyways…

When Gilt City had a deal for Fatta Cuckoo’s fried chicken dinner for 4 ($80), I rung up my ChubbyChicas immediately. But shortly after, I was off to Japan and missed my finger lickin’ date.

My friend J reported “best fried chicken I’ve ever had”.

With that kind of endorsement, you can bet your drumstick I had to try it ma’self.

fatta cuckoo - decor
Casual, colorful and full of in your face art pieces on the walls. It isn’t a huge space and there was this cozy friendliness. Like being in a friends home in Brooklyn, though I guess also because the night we were there, it wasn’t crowded.

fatta cuckoo - panda cocktail
Drinks names like “Don’t tell Carly!”, “Straight to Voicemail” and “Retail Therapy”? I’m in. We giggled at the sight of the panda. So random, yet hilarious and cute.

A little booze to prep for our total pig out chicken out? (thank you, thank you, I’ll be here tomorrow)

fatta cuckoo - fried chicken dinner
Fried Chicken Dinner with 2 sides
We got a mix of dark and white meat, though I’m definitely a dark meat girl (like 99% of my peoples).  Brined and buttermilk battered, celery root puree, gorgonzola pickled celery and carrots. Plus, a side of house made hot sauce.

fatta cuckoo - fried chicken
The exterior is superbly crunchy, it held it all together nicely without falling off at the bite. Total thumbs up. The nice crust had a darker hue than usual. There were a lot of different spices in the background, but a sweeter note seemed to predominate. Think cinnamon and nutmeg. Nicely balanced by the tangy hot sauce, similar to that of buffalo wings, but better.

I loved the flavors and uniqueness of their version and to be honest, I totally enjoyed it. But, I’m a more savory girl and Seersucker’s take is still my favorite. That said, if the girls asked me to go, who am I to refuse.


fatta cuckoo - swiss chard and bacon
The sides change from time to time, but there’s always bacon with a totally wilted green, otherwise known as a pot of veggies with love. In our case, we had swiss chard with almonds. There was bacon, enough said.

fatta cuckoo - dessert - coconut creme pie
Coconut Creme Pie
Came highly recommended by our waitress/awesome bartender. As good as any. I can’t remember much since I was on a chicken high.

fatta cuckoo - shots
Because it was also one of our birthdays, we got a shot to end an pretty fabulous night. Thanks bartender lady! Sorry I’m so bad with names! But we sure left happy.

If you’re also a fried chicken addict, I’d say give this place a try. I forsee my chicas and I returning for more. And bringing StalkerBoy if he behaves.

P.S. Chubby’s Rating: chubby rating 4


63 Clinton St

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