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Dear Food Diary:
Not so long ago, meeting the girls was a weekly occurrence. But now that we’re all grown up, changed our marital status and zip code, meeting up is a special occasion.

That said, I sometimes feel like we pay way too much for eggs and toast in this city. And though not all brunches are created equal (I don’t mind paying for a really good brunch), sometimes you just want a little more bang for your buck.

Feast had a lovely $24 brunch deal – one adult beverage included. Not necessarily “cheap eats” but a good variety to choose from.

feast nyc
Wild flowers in a jar are so pretty and perfect for a girls gathering. Rustic decor and great lighting for food photos (totally appreciate it).


Feast Brunch $24
Includes a mimosa, bellini, beery mary, juice or bottomless coffee. Pastries, quiche, parfait and juice to be shared, plus a main dish.

We ordered a round of bellinis – happy afternoon included. 

feast - brunch 2

An assortment of baked goods, yogurt parfait, juice and quiche.

feast - brunch - starters

The mini green juice was cute and refreshing. Pear was hidden under all that granola and yogurt. Chocolate and plain croissant, plus bite size corn bread. And a kale filled  quiche.

feast - brunch 3
We were getting full from all these little treats. Buttery yumminess amongst laughter and good conversation.

Brunch allows life to stand still on a lazy afternoon.


Main Plates
We shared everything family style

feast - brunch - shrimp and grits
Shrimp n’ Grits ($3 additional charge)
I feel like a Southern girl when it comes to shrimp and grits, if it’s on the menu, I can’t say no. Their version was pretty tasty with rosemary and peppercorn. The dark gravy went well and gave extra depth to the creamy grits.

feast - brunch - wild mushroom
Wild Mushroom in Puff Pastry
This definitely had a better ring to it on the menu. The taste wasn’t very memorable. I don’t remember it being bad, it got lost in the midst.

feast - brunch - smoked salmon
feast - brunch - smoked salmon 2
Smoked Salmon
Came on a bed of red fennel hash (potato, beets, onions, butter) which had a nice sweetness from the beets. The cute quail eggs came poached, which I’ve never seen before. Clever idea. Overall it was a nicely balanced dish.

For our grand finale… 

feast - brunch - lemon souffle pancake
Lemon Souffle Pancake
This was our dessert and boy what a treat – in size and texture. It not only caught our attention, but stole the show.

Light, airy and fluffy, it’s exactly as the description. Bright lemon all around with an apple butter and poached pear to add that sweet/tart touch. The center oozing with mascarpone. Creamy but not overly sweet. The perfect marriage of all the good and yummy qualities of a soufflé and pancake. The most unique of all the dishes and certainly a crowd pleaser.

It was a sweet finish and we were stuffed.


Good service, nice decor, ample space and perfect lighting. It was great to finally catch up and feast with my girls.

Feast is known for their nose-to-tail dinners, which I’ve been wanting try.

P.S. Chubby’s Rating:chubby rating 3.5
102 3rd Ave.
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