“Hoppy” Hour

Hoppy 1

Dear Food Diary
Last week I was invited to celebrate spring with Hoppy at Wasan. Hoppy Beer is a Japanese low alcohol content beverage that tastes like beer. It’s usually served mixed with some sort of spirit. Ours was poured with Japanese shochu (think sake bomb) and paired with some great fried treats throughout the night.

Here are some basics:
HOPPY is a beer-inspired, iconic Tokyo beverage. It is practically non-alcoholic, at only 0.8%. However, it is typically enjoyed mixed with shochu, a Japanese distilled spirit. HOPPY lovers oftentimes drink it in the Sharikin or “Brain Freeze” style, mixed with frozen shochu. HOPPY can also be mixed with a variety of other spirits.Hoppy Beverage Co. has 110 years of history, with its president, Mina, being the third generation of the founding family. HOPPY has been introduced to New York City just last year. It started production in 1948, right after WWII, and became a symbolic drink for the working class.


It’s so much a popular part of the culture in Japan that HOPPY lanterns are still visible on the small streets of the bar districts Izakayas in Tokyo.

Hoppy 2

Like any beer, fried foods paired really well. Love the peppery fried squid and of course Japanese fried chicken.

Hoppy 3

The Original blond was refreshing and light. I’m more of a dark lager type of girl, so their Hoppy Black was perfect. Bitter and sweet. Both were great with shochu, though, don’t get fooled by how easy they go down, after a few, you’ll feel the kick.

Chatting with Mina, she recommended Gin as a playful mix. I had an idea of chocolate liquor with the black, sort of like a dessert. Either way, mix and matching should be fun.

Hoppy is super popular in Tokyo. Currently only available at a few restaurants in NYC: Azaru, SakaMai, Wasan, Iroha, Kenka (love this place, it totally reminds me of the Izayakas in Japan).

Can’t wait to eat and drink like we were in Tokyo again!

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