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TREEHAUS: Brooklyn’s DOUGH doughnuts in the city


Dear Food Diary:
Treehaus is my favorite new addition to the Midtown East area. Totally unlike the usual Asian deli (so tired of those duplicate copies). The space is bright, airy and it feels like being in Brooklyn. Sweet coffee shop in the front, juice bar, futuristic steam table on the side (American comfort with a French twist) and tons of different food choices in the back.

Yesterday afternoon I went back for their creamy latte and OMG!!! (yes, I’m getting all valley girl here)… seriously! OMG!!! I saw a couple rows of doughnuts and I knew they were from DOUGH. Woohooo!!! My plan to get a beach ready body (going to DR on Friday) was put on hold yet again and I indulged… Oh, yes, I, did…

FRAUNCES TAVERN: George Washington’s drinking spot. Pot pie, booze and museum

fraunces tavern - building

Dear Food Diary:
Wall Street is a total mystery to me. Without numbered streets, I get lost at every turn (even with an iPhone). Last week, it worked to my advantage as my lack of direction led me to Fraunces Tavern. Built in 1719, it’s one of the oldest buildings in NYC. A charming corner spot that was once George’s Washington’s drinking spot and where he chose to make his final farewell.

I went in to try  their pot pie (George Washington’s favorite dish) and discovered an awesome whiskey bar, several dining areas and an museum on the 2nd floor.

Panera Bread: Soup for lunch

panera bread 1

Dear Food Diary:
As part of Daily Buzz’s Taste Maker Program I was invited to visit Panera bread and try their soups. One of the reasons I agreed was their choice of ingredients – fresh, thoughtfully sourced. Plus, there’s nothing more heartwarming than a bowl of soup on a cold day.

Sugar and Plumm: Savory & lots of sweet on the UWS

sugar and plumm 1

Dear Food Diary:
Upper West Side just got a sprinkle of fairy dust. It’s a little sweeter with the addition of Sugar and Plumm. This place looks like the dream of a chubby fairy godmother, seriously, just looking around makes your sugar levels go high, thankfully there’s also a full menu with non sugary items. Their pastries are by Pichet Ong (Sport Dessert Bar) and all savory comfort food dishes by chef Steven Ferdinard (soups, salads and entree choices).

It opened to some controversy, having to tone down on the “cute factor” (boooooo), but honestly I find the Planet Sushi neon sign across the street way more disruptive.

THE COUNTER: build your own custom burgers on a bun or salad bowl

THE COUNTER custom built burgers 6

Dear Food Diary:
Tourists and theater goers have it better than ever when it comes to food around Times Square. From Gyu Kaku to food stands along Broadway, there’s never been these many choices. Just for burgers alone you got Shake Shack, Five Guys and now The Counter, the gourmet burger chain where you can seriously build your burger your way (take that Burger King! take that!).