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Thai 51: Free lunch today! Score!!!

Dear Food Diary:
Walked into work today and there was this random sign about free lunch! What? This is a first, and a great surprise to start the day. The deal was, anything you eat for lunch would be reimbursed, no fine print, anything you want.

Momofuku Noodle Bar: my mama’s pork dishes are better

Dear Food Diary:
I finally made it to Momofuku Noodle Bar. What has holding me back all this time? Well, for one thing, I’m not big of “asian fusion” or whatever you call it these days. I rather go down to chinatown or ktown and get the real deal for a tiny fraction of the cost. But the main reason I put Momofuku off my list for so long, was because the first 2 times, rite before dinner, huge fights broke out with the guy I was dating, and well dinner became a big bowl of nasty words and tears. So I guess third time really is the charm.