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Ai Fiori: Proposal Dinner

ai fiori - proposal dinner
Dear Food Diary:
Stalkerboy very nonchalantly asked me to dinner before my trip to Shanghai. I was a little suspicious, but dinner progressed without any surprise. After dinner, he suggested a walk in Bryant Park, but my 4 inch heels equaled unhappy feet. After a little argument we took a cab back to his place so I could rest my hurting feet.

While sitting on his couch, out of the blue, he proposed. *swoon*

Afterwards, he spilled his plan to propose at the restaurant, he was holding off until dessert, but it got pretty crowded and he got really nervous. So even though, it didn’t happen at Ai Fiori, it will always have a special place in our hearts. Our dinner was fantastic with great service. We’ll definitely be back to celebrate our special dates.


PAGANI: underwhelming new Italian spot


Dear Food Diary:
After a whole summer without Italian food, I was excited to read about Pagani – not that we need another Italian spot in this city – but hey, who am I to refuse fresh pasta and good marinara.

The girls and I pampered ourselves at the spa and stopped by Pagani for an early dinner. I wish I could say our tummies were pampered as well, but for the most part, it was a bland, forgettable meal.

Sorry to report another case of taste buds amnesia.

SALUMERIA ROSI: Tuscan Toast takes over French Toast

salumeria rosi

Dear Food Diary:
French toast and brunch seem to go hand in hand. Before Salumeria Rosi, I always had that Vanilla Brioche French Toast as my favorite sweet treat for brunch. But the moment I tasted Salumeria Rosi’s Tuscan Toast I was immediately weaned off  french toast forever.

The rest of the menu here is pretty sweet too. Tuscan dishes served tapas style. An impressive array of cured meats and fresh bread.

There’s a reason why I chose to take their food to Diner en Blanc 2012 (one of the most magical nights I had in NYC), their flavors never disappoint, whether in store or take out.

Torrisi Italian Specialty: Great $65 Tasting Menu

torrisi italian specialty

Dear Food Diary:
My first taste of Torrisi was back at Le Fooding 2010, where Rich Torrisi and Mario Carbone’s pig tongue dish left a bad taste in my mouth. Therefore the restaurant got bumped all the way down on my eating list. Only recently, did it make it to the top again. Word on the street is that their fresh mozzarella is legit, so I had to take this long overdue trip to Nolita.

FRANKIES SPUNTINO: Fresh and simple lunch

frankies sputino 1
Dear Food Diary:
A while back at the Frieze Art Fair, I made sure we snatched a reservation for Frankies Spuntino. Amongst the brightly lit pavilion filled with art work from galleries all over the world, we also got to stimulate our senses during meal time. A fresh and simple lunch by the window. Nice and relaxing.

The items were right off the menu of their Manhattan and Brooklyn locations. Perfectly light for a hot summer day.