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Mami PG’s Cooking: Delivering homemade Penang style lunch boxes

mami pg cooking 1

Dear Food Diary:
2 weeks ago, I read about Mami PG’s Cooking on Midtown Lunch. A family business run by Malaysian freelance journalist Nani Yusof Hughie. She cooks up authentic Penang dishes and delivers them lunch box style to the Malaysian deprived midtown lunch crowd. The Nasi Lemak lunch was only $7! Yes please!

Noodies Thai Kitchen: a warm hug from a bowl of soup noodle

noodies 1

Dear Food Diary:
We stumbled upon Noodies Thai Kitchen on a rainy day while I was feeling under the weather. Seeking comfort from bowl of soup noodle, I wanted something simple and lighter than ramen. As we wondered around Hell’s Kitchen, I looked across the street and saw their cute sign. Tiny little place, with a lot of character and great prices. Most importantly, that bowl of chicken noodle soup hit the spot, like a warm hug from my mama.

ilili: share a bunch of mezza, veggies and skip the main

ilili 1

Dear Food Diary:
It’s unusual for me to be praising vegetables, but at ilili, they do it so well, it’s hard for me to contain my excitement. Yes! for veggies, go figure! If I were to go vegetarian, they would be to blame (ok maybe, that’s pushing it, but you get the idea). And I guess if I ate lamb, I would probably rave about it as well, like the way my ChubbyFriends have.

THE COUNTER: build your own custom burgers on a bun or salad bowl

THE COUNTER custom built burgers 6

Dear Food Diary:
Tourists and theater goers have it better than ever when it comes to food around Times Square. From Gyu Kaku to food stands along Broadway, there’s never been these many choices. Just for burgers alone you got Shake Shack, Five Guys and now The Counter, the gourmet burger chain where you can seriously build your burger your way (take that Burger King! take that!).

GALLOW GREEN Rooftop: No more $20 rsvp ticket


gallow green rooftop dining and lounge
We celebrated my friend Greg’s birthday this past Sunday at Gallow Green, it was awesome and way less crowded than the first time around. Their reservation format changed again!!! Now they have dinner reservation through Urbanspoon. For the bar, you can RSVP or call 212.564.1662.

If the malt vinegar crisps and warm pretzels we munched all night with our Punch Bowls were any indication of their food, I’d say, let’s meet for dinner!


Gallow Green _ The McKittrick Hotel_ Sleep No More

Dear Food Diary:
I saw Sleep No More  about a year ago and it blew me away. So when I heard about them opening their rooftop, I jumped on the chance of returning to The McKittrich Hotel and checking it out after Atera. That was about a month ago and the online reservation required a $20 ticket which would be taken off the total bill. However, when I checked the RESERVATION  site today, it seemed like cover is dropped but timed rsvp is still required.

If you haven’t seen this live version of The Tragedy of Macbeth: Sleep No Morewhere actors wonder through this abandoned 6 story hotel as you chase after them from scene to scene. Full of interactions, surprises and thrill, I highly, highly recommend it!!!