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Kobeyaki: Decent sushi rolls for a quick meal

kobeyaki 1

Dear Food Diary:
We stumbled upon Kobeyaki the other night after kickboxing class. StalkerBoy wanted ramen and I was craving sushi, something quick and casual. Kobeyaki fit that bill, think modern Japanese/fusion style fast food joint.

MACARON CAFE: one of the worst macarons I’ve had in nyc


macaron cafe 1 

Around the office, my coworkers were buzzing about the salads and sandwiches at Macaron Cafe, so I had to go back and check it out.

While I would agree that the salads and sandwiches were good, the macarons were still as bad as I remembered.

NUCHAS EMPANADAS: Do cry for me Argentina

times square evita

Dear Food Diary:
It just so happens that Evita is playing in Times Square, diagonally across from Nuchas (an empanadas stand developed by my fellow paisano, the Argentinean born Ariel Barbouth). I grew up eating these oven baked pockets of goodness and was thrilled to finally have an interesting quick bite before a show. But in the end, I walked away singing “Do cry for me Argentina”. The truth is, they made me I miss home even more… *sigh*

The NoMad: Daniel Humm’s “less fancy” approach to his food

The NoMad by Daniel Humm 3

Dear Food Diary:
Chef Daniel Humm’s second restaurant is one of the most anticipated and talked about new openings. I finally dined at his highly rated Eleven Madison Park a couple weeks ago and so with my taste memory still fresh, I just had to try The NoMad.

BonChon’s $8 lunch + 2 free wings for Check-in is sweet!

bonchon midtown east 2

Dear Food Diary:
Who can resist korean fried chicken. Extra crispy, with sweet soy garlic flavors that have been soaked up like a sponge. How? I don’t know, all I know is that I love these crunchy little bites. I’ve been a fan/addict for years. If by any chance, you’ve never had them, you must go and get some!