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SMORGASBURG: Yummy Saturday with a view

smorgasburg 1
Dear Food Diary:
Last Saturday, I woke up with an unexplainable urge for lobster roll, a fresh buttery one from Red Hook Lobster Pound to be exact. I couldn’t fight off a craving this strong, so I tracked them down online/phone call (crazy I know) and found them at Smorgasburg at the Williamsburg waterfront. Killed two birds at once, since I’ve been wanting to check it out since May.

SEERSUCKER: Tuesday Fried Chicken Dinners!!! (CLOSED)

seersucker 1
Dear Food Diary:
At last year’s Le Grand Fooding 2010, Seersucker’s chef/owner Robert Newton showcased his Tennessee-Style Fried Chicken. If you’re looking for that post, well… you know what happened (I’ll try to re-write it one of these day). Anyways, back to his fried chicken. It was one of the best things I tasted all night and I went back for seconds. That finger licking goodness had me dreaming and drooling ever since. 
seersucker 2
Seersucker is a warm neighborhood joint, right off the F train in Carroll Gardens. Serving seasonal Southern dishes. Friendly and casual. Modern and traditional. Old and new.
seersucker 4
When my hard-core fried chicken lover J was in town. I knew just the place to take him, marked our calendars with Tuesday Fried Chicken Night (the only night it’s served). I heard some nights they sell out of fried chicken around 7:30pm, we were cutting it close and there was no way I was gonna make it all the way to Brooklyn on a school night and disappoint ma’cravings. So I made P run from the train, marathon style on Smith St (got out of the wrong exit and got a little lost). Yes, we ran for fried chicken!!! Oh, the things I do for food…

Vinegar Hill House: Twice in a week. Amazing Dinner and another amazing Brunch.

REVISITED November 10,2012

vinegar hill house

Dear Food Diary:
It’s always sad when you’re favorite restaurant begins to slip. Vinegar Hill use to be one of my favorite places in Brooklyn. But the last couple times I’ve been back, their main dishes seemed to have suffered from a downgrade factor. Their Country Chops got smaller and that fantastic Cast Iron Chicken that brought them fame was off the menu! What? And though food was still good, it definitely isn’t holding onto the 5 Chubby Rating I gave 2 years ago. *Sigh*

Kumquat Cupcakery: Sweet things come in sweet little packages

Dear Food Diary:

The other day while wondering around, I stumbled across the sweetest little surprise near Astor’s place, A Holiday Market (at the corner of 4th St and Lafayette). Amongst the paintings, jewelry and t-shirts, there were trays of cute mini cupcakes in soft pastelish colors.
The smiling owner Keavy Landreth (who’s face is the website and postcard, very cute btw) went down a laundry list of flavors like vanilla, lavender, chocolate, peanut butter, banana, but none caught my attention, until she said the 5 letter secret code to this chubby’s tummy… B-A-C-O-N.
Maple Bacon to be exact! A thick piece of crunchy and smokey bacon, sitting on top of a sweet vanilla frosting and a moist maple cinnamon cake. Like having breakfast in one bite, all I needed was a cup of hot tea.
For $1, it was easy on my wallet and no guilt attached. Who needs a giant sized Crumbs cupcake anyways? I’m perfectly content with these mini bites. Plus you can get an assorted flavors box and enjoy the sweet variety, sort of like a cupcake buffet =)
P.S. Chubby’s RATING:
Kumquat can be found at the Brooklyn Flea Market in Dumbo. They also cater and deliver. But right now you can find them at

Brooklyn Flea
Corner of Vanderbilt & Lafayette in Fort Green Brooklyn

Red Hook: Adios to a Sabroso 2009 Season

Dear Food Diary:
This past Saturday, a couple friends and I braved the rain for our first and last bite of Red Hook food trucks this season. We don’t frequent Brooklyn, so this was a big trip for us, funny thing was, my friend and I got lost and when we asked for directions at the gas station, these 2 non hispanic dudes were like “you girls walking there? that’s dangerous!”… great! thanks. We ignored them and walked anyways, totally proving them wrong. This coming Halloween weekend is their LAST so if you still want to check it out, take the F train down!