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Blue Hill: Visual love letter to unforgettable seasonal experiences

BLUE HILL at Stone Barns 2

Dear Food Diary:
Through the years, there’s only been one place that has truly stolen my heart in every single aspect of a perfect dining experience – Blue Hill at Stone Barns.

This is my visual love letter to unforgettable seasonal experiences at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Blue Hill Cafe and Blue Hill NY.

Blue Hill at Stone Barns: Fall in NY

Dear Food Diary:

Last Sunday PianoBoy and I took a short drive upstate for a day out of the city and close to nature. It was great walking amongst the fall colors and farm animals, even the sun came out to play.
Originally we made plans for lunch in the main dining room, but it was “formal” and I wasn’t in the mood for dressing up, just wanted to stroll around in the fresh crisp air, get the most out of fall before winter comes around, so we decided to save it for another time (very soon). And had a nice lunch at the cafe instead.

Warwick, NY: Annual AppleFest 2009

Dear Food Diary:
A couple weeks ago, we drove upstate for the Annual Apple Fest in Warwick. It was a nice afternoon, browsing along the streets filled with hundreds of vendors, and even more fellow visitors. We ate, shopped, went apple picking and did an awful wine tasting (more on that later).