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red hook lobster pound _ lobster food truck 4
Dear Food Diary:
Delighted to find out the Red Hook Lobster Pound’s Truck was in midtown today. Though we had to cross town in what feels like 90 degree weather, in the end, it was well worth it.

and the 2010 Vendy Awards goes to (drumroll)…

The judges and public were unanimous on this one. King of Falafel & Shawarma were the big winners of the day (2 awards) and I totally agree, the chicken and falafel platter was excellent! Official post with tons of yummy photos and review coming soon!


Wafels & Dinges REVISITED: My 1st Post Challenge by the waffle guy himself

Dear Food Diary:

Early August I reviewed the Wafels & Dinges truck. Then, couple weeks ago, to my surprise, Thomas, the owner of the truck wrote me a comment about my post (second comment). So last week, I stopped by during lunch and took on what I call my first post challenge from the waffle guy himself.
I ordered it just as Thomas instructed, just powered sugar. And only told the guys behind the truck what this was all about after my waffle was handed to me. They were very amused by it, and were quick to point out, the dark colored strings on the edge were simply burnt sugar.

Red Hook: Adios to a Sabroso 2009 Season

Dear Food Diary:
This past Saturday, a couple friends and I braved the rain for our first and last bite of Red Hook food trucks this season. We don’t frequent Brooklyn, so this was a big trip for us, funny thing was, my friend and I got lost and when we asked for directions at the gas station, these 2 non hispanic dudes were like “you girls walking there? that’s dangerous!”… great! thanks. We ignored them and walked anyways, totally proving them wrong. This coming Halloween weekend is their LAST so if you still want to check it out, take the F train down!

Arepas Lady & Sabor Mexicano Taco

Dear Food Diary:
Friday night we ventured into 74th and Jackson Heights just to pay the arepas lady a visit late in the evening, since she arrives at her spot after 10 pm (her hrs are 10 pm-5 am, Friday and Saturday). It was a quiet night, so I had some time to chat with her while our arepas were getting their golden brown color on the griddle. She’s very friendly and humble, specially when I asked her about her accomplishments like the Vendy Award and all her loyal followers, she simply smiled, and told me she gets quite a lot of business from write ups, reviews and internet blogs. The locals on the line however, were more impressed with her food and not so much with her fame, they actually commented on my picture taking and joked about her being known worldwide (‘cuz I’m chinese? and I would bring arepas to China? !@#@$#!!!… I speak Spanish fluently, so I heard everything).