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[TOKYO] SUSHI SHO: Tokyo’s best sushi experience by chef who dissed the Michelin man

Sushi Sho - Tokyo - entrance, door

Dear Food Diary:
While making my list of Tokyo eats, I stumbled upon a “guide” from travel.cnn, where Shinji Nohara (local food gps) mentions Sushi Sho with the quote: “This place kicked out the Michelin researchers. The master told me they were rude and didn’t know how to appreciate sushi.” Intriguing…

Upon further web search, ChubbyHubby (just a coincidence on the Chubby part) declares Keiji Nakazawa as “The best sushi chef in the world.” In his detailed post, he clarifies that the chef didn’t kick anyone out per se, but simply pointed out the inspector’s lack of sushi knowledge. Ouch!

By dissing the Michelin man, Sushi Sho isn’t on the guide, but who cares! This was the best sushi experience I’ve had yet.

50 Days of Summer in Japan

chubbychinesegirl - 50 days of summer in japan 3

Dear Food Diary:
Last Friday I said sayonara to my job of 10+ years and started this much needed sabbatical. To recharge, travel and of course blog for a living (sorta).

I’ve been craving this time off, with no definite plan of where I would end up. Only that I wanted to travel and spend some quality time with my family. But, right after I handed in my resignation letter, everything just fell into place. StalkerBoy got sent to Tokyo for work and it was the perfect opportunity to tag along (free housing) for 50 days.

Here are my days as a full time blogger…

[FT. LAUDERDALE] 48 hrs of sunshine, mahi mahi and gator bites

ft lauderdale - marriott harbor beach resort & spa

Dear Food Diary:
Winter storm Saturn is starting to take over… more cold winter days!? help me!

To soothe myself and hopefully you guys, I’m taking a visual trip back to my short but sweet sunshine filled 48hrs in Ft. Lauderdale. Just a short flight away from NYC, it’s an easy to plan, fun getaway from the chills of the city.  It’s no Caribbean, but hey, I’m not complaining about the warm sun, mahi mahi and gator bites.

BANKAKU: Finding Japanese Shrimp Crackers in Singapore

BANKAKU - shrimp cracker from japan

Dear Food Diary:
While taking a delicious stroll at Takashimaya Singapore‘s basement food court (food heaven) these cute set of Japanese shrimp crackers caught my eye. Who could resist the sushi like display of crackers!?  I just had to bring home a box. Yaraku – pack of “eight happiness”. They make me smile every time I open a pack.

[MENDOZA, ARGENTINA]: 5 Course Lunch Tasting by the Vineyards of Bodega Ruca Malen

bodega Ruca Malen - mendoza 6bodega Ruca Malen - mendoza 3

Dear Food Diary:
During our second day in Mendoza, our hotel concierge arranged a day of wine tasting and lunch for us. As we drove into the grounds of Bodega Ruca Malen, I thought to myself, this is what I had envisioned Mendoza’s wine road to be and more. Picture perfect day topped off by a spectacular 5 course lunch with wine pairing right by the vineyards. How did I get so lucky!