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RAMEN MISOYA: “Me So” Salty!!!

Ramen Misoya 1

Dear Food Diary:
Yes, winter is here and “ramen season” has started, but is there room on this tiny island of Manhattan for yet another ramen joint? Apparently so. With stores in Tokyo, Kyoto, Silicon Valley and Taipei, I wasn’t going to let this one by without slurping a big bowl of steaming goodness.
Ramen Misoya 7
Ramen Misoya took over that “doomed” spot on 2nd Ave, right around the corner of St. Mark Place. Over the years, this narrow little space has hosted a number of eateries, none memorable. There’s a tv screen on the back showing you the kitchen, sort of like an open kitchen I guess? Though nothing beats sitting at Totto Ramen’s counter and watching them torch the pork and prep your ramen.
Ramen Misoya 8
The menu consist of 3 different types of miso(miso paste is made with fermenting rice, barley and or soybeans with salt and fungus. Different combinations/fermenting time/preparation make the types of miso).

Social Eatz: Familiar flavors with a twist (CLOSED 3/1/13)

social eatz 1

Dear Food Diary:
I’m a big fan of Top Chef and naturally followed chef Angelo Sosa’s season. His American-Korean inspired joint Social Eatz was on my list of casual places to eat at and finally made it there a while back. ( A bit behind on my posts, *sigh*)

CALLE OCHO: UWS Nuevo Latino Cuisine

calle ocho 2

Dear Food Diary:
To celebrate the opening of it’s new location, the folks at Calle Ocho invited us to a press dinner.


tsushima 3

Dear Food Diary:
I’ve been a fan of Tsushima’s lunch specials for years, but even more so now that offer DAILY SPECIALS and Happy Hour (11:30am – 12pm) Basically about 30% off! Deal/Steal/Score!!! 

15 EAST: Live Lobster Sashimi!

15 EAST 1
Dear Food Diary:
ALERT! the title pretty much sums up this post, so if you’re gonna get all animal activist on me after reading, please stop right here. Otherwise, if you’re like Underground dining and I, and “live lobster” just tickles your excitement, enjoy! (video, pics and all, this one’s for you).
15 EAST 3
15 East has a really sleek, spacious and modern dining room.
15 EAST 2
Would of been better if we had a seat by the bar, but our corner table was comfy enough to get us ready for that “live” friend we were about to devour. The $19 Sparking Yuzu Cocktail (hou-hou shu, yuzu juice) didn’t justify the price, though citrus sparkly was a good start.