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THALASSA: Greek and Mediterranean in Tribeca

Thalassa 1
Dear Food Diary:
A couple Tuesdays ago, I was invited to a press dinner at Thalassa. If you’ve seen my list of restaurants, you’d notice Greek and Mediterranean is somewhat absent, so I welcomed the invitation with an open tummy.

SEL et POIVRE: Where I fell in LOVE… with liver

sel el poivre 8
Dear Food Diary:
Last week I was invited to a Press Tasting Dinner at Sel et Poivre. A charming little French bistro on the upper east that’s been around for over 20 years. Once a mother/daughter partnership, it’s now a husband/wife joint. I’ve walked by countless times, but never stopped to smell the butter… so this was my perfect “eatpportunity”.

OCEANA: Asians eat at the back… How RACIST!!!

Dear Food Diary:
Walked into the blue dominated, cruise like Oceana last Sunday for lunch. Perfectly lit by natural sunlight, spacious with high ceilings. We had reservations from days ago and since this was midtown west on a Sunday, it wasn’t crowded at all. The 2 ladies in the front asked for our reservation and one quickly decides our table “location”… and off we went.

There were comfortable looking booths with marine themed tapestry couches along the way, I though we were being taken to. But as we followed the hostess further and further away, by passing an seemingly empty main dining room (about 40% full with non asians, maybe one asian mixed into a all white table), she opens a door and enter “the other” dining room. My first reaction was that of an “color blind” customer. Thought to myself, maybe this is more quiet or private!? Even though it looked so plain.

It wasn’t until my date had also noticed that we took a good look around. It was way too obvious and I had to that a picture, even though I don’t usually whip out my camera on a date. So the waiter didn’t capture the dining area on my right, behind me… there were 2 more tables of asians. While the main dining room outside looked really white (sorry I don’t mean it that way, but I’m trying to make a point here, so don’t get all sensitive on me please)… maybe we didn’t match the blue and white color scheme of the decor?

Ma Peche: Revisited… Regular Menu this time

ma peche 0
Dear Food Diary:
During my last visit they were still serving the preview menu at $10, a definite steal when it comes to anything David Chang related. I pinched myself and yes, it was too good to be true. Now lets check out the new regular menu.

Lulu & Mooky’s: Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Dear Food Diary:
I was on a exciting “molecular gastronomy” adventure last week. First WD-50 (post to come) and then, stopped by Lulu & Mooky’s on Friday after a long day at work, had to work late on a Friday night! can you believe it? #$#%$%$ I was burning with rage, thankfully the liquid nitrogen ice cream cooled me down, actually that and the 40 degree weather outside.
According to the “mad scientist”, they haven’t really officially opened, so the place looks a bit messy and unfinished. He was friendly, but seemed more of an introvert, who at all times was concentrated on the “formulas” and mixing the requested “flavors” in his very cute pink mixers.