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Seoul Garden: SoonTofu Lunch to warm a cold and yucky day

Dear Food Diary:
Cloudy with NO chance of Meatballs today, just icy cold rain…
It’s real yucky outside and one of the best remedies for warming a day like today was the Beef and Seafood SoonTofu from Seoul Garden. So I braved the wind and rain, under my tiny tote umbrella and headed over to k-town, I had to get my fix of Seoul food.

Tsushima: Freshest sashimi & Best lunch deals, specially on Tuesdays

Dear Food Diary:
Tomorrow is Tuesday, which means Tsushima (Owned by the Chef pictured above) will have their Tsushima’s Chirashi Special, freshest sashimi around, with well seasoned sushi rice (not over powered by vinegar and mushy), seasonal side and miso soup. It’s such an awesome steal ($13.50) that I would cross-town, take the train, or walk 10 blocks for it. And this is why, I *heart* Tuesday.

Cafe Habana: Smile it’s GRILLED CORN!!!


Dear Food Diary,
Everytime I think of Cafe Habana, i get a big smile on my face. Why?… well, four words “Mexican Style GRILLED CORN” !!!
Fire roasted smokyness on every grain, generously sprinkled with chili powder and cotija cheese. Flex your muscle and squeeze all the juice out of the slices of lime over your corn, trust me, you’ll thank me later.