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Txikito: my favorite tapas in the city


Dear Food Diary:
When I first started going to Txikito, it was a tiny spot, hidden all the way on the west side. Tables were hard to come by. One summer night, I endured the sauna like tight dinning room (no a.c) just to please my tapas craving. Luckily, they’ve expanded since, taking over the next door space. Making it in this city might be tough, but turning out amazing traditional Basque Country dishes night after night is the key to their success.

Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain: Good o’ld fashioned sundaes

Dear Food Diary:
You can’t help but lit up when you arrive at the Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain in Carroll Gardens. The corner space was an actual “pharmacy” back in the 20s! Everyone is a kid once you step into those door. Old Americana mixed with warm friendly people. Good o’ld fashioned sundaes and egg creams. A reminder of the good o’ld times, simple and sweet…

[FLUSHING] New World Mall Food Court: Fire and Icy

new world mall in flushing - food court
Dear Food Diary:
The doors of Flushing’s New World Mall are like a gate at the airport. The minute you take your flight down the stairs, you’ve arrived in Mainland, this could be any given food court throughout China. From the lights, sounds, smell and people, the 7 train has never transported you this far for a mere subway fare.

LE BERNARDIN: One of my favorite meals of 2011… (pre-renovation)

le bernadin 20
Dear Food Diary:
I visited Le Bernardin right before their renovations earlier this year. Regardless of the new decor and trendy bar menu, the food and service I read, remain untarnished. As I looked back at this tasty and exciting year, this dinner was without a doubt top of the list and one I’ll surely remember.


tsushima 3

Dear Food Diary:
I’ve been a fan of Tsushima’s lunch specials for years, but even more so now that offer DAILY SPECIALS and Happy Hour (11:30am – 12pm) Basically about 30% off! Deal/Steal/Score!!!