Dainobu deli+groceries: Asian Munchies for Lunchie

Dear Food Diary:

Some days, I wonder the streets, block after block in hunger trying to answer the age old question “what’s for lunch?”
Today I walked into Dainobu and declared it an Asian Munchies for Lunchie Day.
Cuttest packaging ever! How could I resist. These are actually from Taiwan, the name of the brand is Chang Chung Ya (which I guess is the name of the frowning and super adorable little girl) Shao Mei Mei (little girl/sister, I smiled because my daddy calls me “meimei”).
They taste like Soy Sauce flavored instant noodles, really crisp, crunchy and salty, not bad. I’m sure there’s a spoonful of msg in there.
Growing up, my Taiwanese friends taught me how to eat instant noodle as a snack, sans cooking! You have to find the kinds that are really bad for you, noodles have to be fried golden brown, then you break them up, add all the sauce/powder condiments and munch away, it’s deadly, but back then there wasn’t as much concern about our health as it is now, kids today are totally missing out.
My second pack or “main course” were the seriously addictive Japanese BBQ flavor, texture wise it was more fun than the previous. Hundreds of tiny little strips of crunchiness in one bite, with a burst of sweet, smokey, and less salty. They remind me of the Japanese tiny noodle snacks with the boy on the cover (can’t seem to remember the name, old age I tell ya), anyways this is 10 times better.
My dessert was non other than red bean mochi (glutinous rice filled with red bean paste). I don’t know Japanese, and didn’t care to read the labels, just assumed they were dusted in peanut, little did I know, it was actually cinnamon, good idea, but not so great tasting.
There’s plenty of options. Hot noodle and curry rice bowls at the back, sushi, seasonal appetizers, and rice balls in the front. My favorites are the miso cod or salmon bento, with different kinds of rice, shumai and some vegetable appetizer/pickles.

Another one that stands out is their Pork with Miso, a little fatty (you could take the fat out I guess), but the sweet, savory mix of flavors make up for it, specially for that price!
P.S. Chubby’s RATING: chubby rating 3.5
129E 47th st